Its gonna end soon

When my boss called me and told me that there was a problem with the invoice, I did log in RDC and checked it out. And of course, i did the reprint. Never did i know, i was given the wrong invoice number and that since i was panicking to find a solution for the printer issue - i did not focus on this invoice issue as much as i could have. When i saw the solution provided by NGH, i thought of slapping myself and then throwing myself off my balcony ( I m living on the 12th floor for your information). It was so damn fucking easy and i got that fucking wrong. I feel like a crap for the past 2 hours. Why the hell did i panic?

Anyway past is past. I knew something like this will happen one day and it did within the month i joined. Where the hell is my self confidence? I stayed in that company for 2 years and i should have learnt a thing or two right? Am i proving myself correct? That I really am stupid and a good for nothing? I think i m beating myself over a trivial issue, or i m getting tired. Either way, i feel stupid. Cannot get drunk, so might as well get some sleep and pretend that this did not happen.

I need to sleep. I am tired with all the travelling and racking my brains. Another travel day tomorrow and a long one at that. Driving class and 2 sessions of practice tomorrow. Its gonna end soon, its gonna end soon. It has to...everything has to end one day or another.


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