FTT Passed!!!!

I passed my FTT!!!!!! I had all the 50 questions correct!!!! I know I will pass, but i floated to the tops when i saw PASS in big bold letters in the screen. I could not contain myself!!!!  I booked the simulator class on friday cos I am tight with schedules till Thursday. So once I am done with my simulator class, I can book my TP. But the next available date for TP will be somewhere in September. I m thankful that theres a month gap of driving. Tired lah.

Anyway theres not much to update at the moment. The same as usual, juggling work,son and driving all at the same time. So its a bit hectic here and there. TA's going to Norway at the end of this week...10 days without him. Supposed to get used to it by now, but still feel bad and sad and fucking depressed when he leaves me.Haiz. Terrible me.

Ciao for now.

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