End of cold war

Its over. Finally, Hubby ended the cold war we had about watching movie today. For those who do not know about the Cold War -  it was a fight we had in July last year when we were about to watch Ice Age3. I got pissed and gave him his ticket and asked him to watch the movie on his own and went to the movie hall all by myself.

Since that day -he had refused to watch any movie with me. I have pleaded with him more than once these past few months, but nope. He was adamant. But today....today was different. The cold war has finally thawed. It was kind of fun actually. After my practice at BBDC ended, we met at West Mall at Bukit Batok, had chicken kebab for dinner. Then we walked all the way up to Eng Wah cinemas. I knew he  was bringing me to the movies the moment he suggested West Mall, and i even knew the movie he was going to bring me to. But what surprised me was the seat. We had the couch that was at the far left corner of the hall!!! I loved it! It was so cosy an romantic. Hubby knows how to surprise me then. It was just like sitting at home, but watching a big screen! We watched ' Inception'.

Cast of 'Inception'
I loved the movie -  but be warned -  you have to keep an open mind and listen carefully to what the actors are saying, You miss one sentence, you will be lost. Its about incepting an idea to a person by a team of professionals, something that was thought to be impossible. But the hero of the movie, Di Caprio, with some hidden tragedic past and with the utmost desire to see his children ( since he was on the run on the charges that he killed his wife) takes on the mission set up by Ken Watanabe. Really good i'd say. Hubby found it otherwise.

The special effects were good and i loved the plot. Somehow i felt that the movie brought out the kind of dreams i thought only i was having. Not bad -  i am not alone then.


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