Mundane things in life

How boring? None of my contacts are updating their blog for the past one week and i m bored. Nothing to read about. Have no idea what happened to Jamie and her new adopted baby.

Anyway PK has called me to come to his office tomorrow..will be going after my 5th driving class tomorrow. Driving class so far has been OK. I can drive and negotiate bends well...and that's it for now. TA has transferred SGD900 to my account for July's practical class and i topped it up today. Will be booking the class later...need to check it against my calender so that i will not be pulled to different schedules in one day.

Its been raining heavily for the past two days and i lost 2 umbrellas in 2 days. I missed my umbrella at BBDC itself. I think i need to buy ourselves more brollies. Raihaan went to his 3 hrs sports day event today.

The kids have to go to this event today and tomorrow to be prepared for the Friday's events it seems. I thought TA has to be present for all the three days event..but i was wrong as usual. Both the parents can be present on Friday actually...haiz. Somethings wrong with me and i have no idea what. I feel hazy and blur at times.

Oh by the way - for the record - World Cup has started. I m not a football fan and neither is TA so i m not going to go on about Brazil or the mundane events of soccer. Really i m not a fan. Never will be i guess. But i know Brazil will get the Cup this year. I think apart from that nothing is new.

I have not been reading on Forex for the past few weeks...been pulled away by driving and stuffs at home. Need to do something about that as well. And also i have been feeling like one kind for the past few days. Slightly giddy and groggy. I m not sure whats wrong. If i recall well - its been a while since my last menses. ( I am unable to post in the dates cos the details are in my mobile calender which is currently in the living room charging). Maybe i m having some kind of cancer or something...maybe a tumor. Something dramatic. If i m not getting pregnant - then what the hell is going on? I m still having blocked and running nose all at the same time. So i cannot exercise as well. ( some lame excuse).

OK - got to go. I m tired already. Need to clean up the mess my son created and know what - i forgot that NCIS is been re-telecasted on AXN and have been surfing the net for the past one hour!!! What the fish??

Raihaan wants to be back up on the study table again....will blog later when i have any new updates. Ciao

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