Depressed again

Today is not a very good day. For some reason i cannot understand why - i m sad. I am not sure why. Just sent Raihaan over to West Coast, had a shower and now blogging. I feel depressed and sad. I m not sure if i m feeling guilty about eating the chocolates, but just been sad even before i touched them. I think my weight is getting me depressed. Sigh.

Anyway Father's Day gift came through the door in the afternoon. See attached picture. I'm sure TA will like it. Just Googled and understood that Father's Day falls on the 3rd Sunday in the month of June. So its a Sunday. Was thinking of presenting this mug to TA during his office hours. I wanted Raihaan to present it. Lets see how it goes.

Other than that - nothing much to add here. Life is the same as usual. Just swept the house clean, prepared lunch ( rice, potato stew) for Raihaan and did the laundry. Have to iron TA's formal wear in a while.

Mum came up with another story to support her prediction that I will be getting pregnant. She said she dreamt of TA, me and Raihaan and another child together with mum travelling in the States. I dunno - my mum. She thinks she predicts the future. I m trying very hard not to raise any teeny weeny bits of hopes on my side.

Apart from that - nothing much to add in here. I had such a hard time uploading the pic of the mug just a while back and now finally did it. Check it! Ain't it something? I like it. Sometimes I wish Thamem was as creative as i am when surprising. Simple things like surprising does not come easy to Indians i think. Well, i m not complaining, but nevertheless still grateful and thankful that i have a loving hubby.

Anyway i m not sure what else to blog now. I have no plans to make any dinner yet. Still torn between a healthy pizza or aglio olio for dinner. Will decide later. Planning to go through my practical handbook for driving, check FB and then proceed on with the rest of my life as usual. Will update if necessary.

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