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Right now, i m trying to monitor the time i spend on Ms Lappy cos i do not seem to be getting my work done at home. Though actually i m ok with the work at home, the house does not look
pristine clean at all. By the way i have not been copying my blogs over to my public ones, which i think i will. Though i did mention that its a hassle to do so, i need to, since there might be someone whos actually following me ( yeah ryt!).

Anyway we came back home on Tuesday afternoon from Furama. The pics are posted here.

Also another new update- went for my first driving lesson yesterday at BBDC. It was pretty informative. I will be going for my next class today at 4pm. I have 4 theory lessons to complete and now i have one down, three to go. Practicals are slotted evenly for the month of June, and my final theory is somewhere in July. Once my practical lessons are cleared , i will then sit for the practical exams. Driving class is so fucking complicated and expensive, but come to think of it, maybe its worth it. There are so many accidents on the road nowadays,i get nervous thinking about it. I m still road-a-phobic though, hopefully i can drive a car without killing myself ( I m not joking!).

Ok i think theres nothing much to update at the moment.

Diet diary:

Bowl of Cornflakes ( 99%fat free) with low fat mik

Fruits ( papaya,rambutan,prunes) and plain yoguhrt

Small bowl white rice, brocoli,baby corn stir fry, spicy cauliflower fry,fishball soup

Water: All in all 3 glasses.

Exercise: Not much walking, mopping house,cooking.

Weight: Forgot to weigh in at the beginning , but i m sure i m 99kgs. So will be weighing in next monday to see if theres any difference.

Nothing much at the moment. Need to go and start my daily work of cleaning and cooking. Dad might come over to look after Raihaan while i go for my class, so i think i will prepare lunch before i leave.

Go to go, ciao.

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