I took one look at Mario's email and i understand that there were some huge Euro crisis going on and where the hell was i when it happened? When i opened my Forex platform i was flabbergasted to know that i left a trade on and i forgot about it...completely!!! Its currently going on a huge five hundred dollars loss! Where the hell was i?

I put my trade away for 3 plus weeks ( together with checking out the news and reading the papers) - the Euro goes on a crisis and a huge financial tsunami event that might not happen for the next 10 years happened and passed....what the @#$%^! Oh goodness I have to re focus on my trades again. This is not good.

2nd on the agenda - driving. I have completed all the compulsory theory lessons in the driving licence area. I will start to practice driving in a week's time. The theory classes were informative and good and i was really glad that i attended them. The instructors really hit the point when they say that driving is the most difficult thing a person can learn since we are carrying the burden of being responsible for everyone around us.

Thirdly, the holiday passed by without much fanfare here in our household ( again as usual!). Vesak day was this Friday. Raihaan was at Mum's on Thursday, I went to Softship, met Prema and borrowed her the What to Expect series and some of my Motherhood mags.Chatted with her for a while and then went off to lunch with hubby. We had food at Eatz and then i left in a hurry to Tiong Bahru mall to watch " Prince of Persia- Sands of Time'. Not bad - but it was so full of impossible graphics that i think i have to switch my logical mind off for a while. Anyway Jake Gylennhall was so so good looking. Wanted to watch Shrek in 3D actually but since Prince of Persia was relased on the 27th itself, did not want to miss it. I will try to catch Shrek by this week.

Friday being a holiday - TA and I din do much. We watched a Reese Witherspoon movie 'Just like Heaven' - a really nice heartwarming romantic comedy. TA and I loved it. Watched Bewitched and honestly i think Nicole Kidman could do better. She kept talking in a very rushed and asthmatic tone, i just could not take it. Only Michael Caine looked credible. Will Ferrel to me - looked like a Jim Carrey wanna be though - and seriously- i do not like him.

The whole of Friday ,TA and i just stayed at home to watch these movies. We went to West Coast to pick Raihaan up ( when Dad refused to send him to Teban) after watching the re run of House.
Saturday was slightly better. I went for my last theory class in BBDC - Thameem brought Raihaan to Lot1 and kept him entertained. We went back home, mum was there. Had lunch ( i cooked Chicken Curry and made rice before i left at 11am for my 1220hrs class!), Later in the evening went to Giant in IMM to shop , used the SGD100 voucher from Giant for Mum. Went back home.

Today being a Sunday- again we did nothing much. I did all the housework as usual. No one lifted a single finger to help me, TA prepared the banana pancake for Bals whilst i had my hard rolls for breakfast. We went to West Coast to have lunch with Mum, spent some time with her and came back home after wasting Raihaan on the playground. Right now at the moment of blogging, Raihaan is asleep ( took more than an hour to get him to sleep tonight) and TA is busy clearing up his work at the study room. I wanted to be there as well - but Bals i there and i have no place to sit and type. So here i am in the bedroom with no lights to type.

Anyway a note worth mentioning - i did a pregnancy test today and for the first time i really wanted to slap myself hard. I bought this test kit that will only give out the results after waiting for minimum 5 mins and max 30 mins! I was like huh? I did not get Clearblue obviously. Anyway its negative. My periods are missing for the month of May and I'm actually 7 days overdue. And also my mum kept telling me that she thinks and has some intuition that i will be pregnant very soon. I had to take it. Well it cleared my mind until my mum chided me for being so stupid. She told me to take the test a month later to make sure cos she believes that a positive result will not be so early. She said the same thing the last time too! Well anyway i will get another kit ( goodness these PTKs are so damn expensive!) and will check it a month later or so just to put my mum and my mind at ease.

S is good nowadays since i stopped bleeding. Its three to four times a week now - so its better now. Though i m hoping i be pregnant again i dun want to be pregnant now. I'm still 10kg overweight - being pregnant now will have implications later. Well lets hope for the best then.

Anyway got to end now. By batt is going low and i need to sleep. Need to think of places to bring Raihaan around - now that the holidays has started.


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