Fathers Day?

I know that i have not been updating my blog for the past few days. Nothing much is going on here. Life is pretty much the same. The schedule and the routine remains pretty much the same here.

I have been pretty busy bringing Raihaan to and fro school, West Coast and Woodlands. Tommorow is the beginning of the school term break. I brought Raihaan over to Woodlands to play with Muhammad. Raihaan seem to love travelling in the bus and in the train and its a joy to see him enjoying himself.

Well anyway i will be sending Raihaan off to West Coast to stay overnight with his grandparents. After that i will go to TGP, check out Prema to borrow her some pregnancy book and then meet up with my hubby.

I have not been charting weight loss measurements for the past few days cos its really difficult to do so. But i have been doing way lot of house work so i think i m burning my calories off that way.

Anyway i will have to sign out cos i m really tired here. I just created a photo collage mug for TA for Father's Day. Got some pics with TA and Raihaan only and attached it. Have ordered it and it will arrive shortly.

Got to go. ciao.

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