Normal updates

Finally theres some latest blog from Jamie..nothing much just a line. Being a mother is starting to take a toll on her now i guess. I m looking forward to see more pictures of Jamie and her new baby.

Apart from that, that girl Buchu has added a new blog entry- somewhat after a long time. Again i still dun understand much of her blog. So as a respect to her i m thinking of dropping her as a blogger i follow. She and i apparently dun share the same interest. Shes very arty, and i only know a limited arty people.

Today - as always started the same and ended the same. Woke up prepped up Raihaan, had breakfast, sent him to class, cleaned the house, read bits of the news for the day, picked Raihaan up, let him wreck havoc to the living room, cajol him to sleep, shower him, force feed his lunch, make him sleep,prepare lunch and once he awakes 2 hours later, I let him wreck havoc in the living room till his father comes back home. I then heat up dinner, entertain Raihaan till the Father finishes with his dinner, force Raihaan his dinner, prepare his night milk and shove both Father and son to the bedroom to get Raihaan to sleep. The same routine will continue tommorow i think.

Tonight, i watched Planet 51. Ordered from Hollywood clicks. Not bad, but i cannot say it was interesting. There were some sections that were good, but not that interesting i m afraid. Theres Munich waiting to be watched. I know the story already and i also know that Eric Bana is starring in it. Knowing that the ending of the movie is not gonna be good makes me delay in watching the movie. I will get around to it somehow.

Anyway my mum told me that today is Vishu Kanni. Some kind of new year... i was screwed by mum for not knowing it and not coming home to give her the customery money giving ritual. My mum believes that taking money from me in the beginning of the New Year bring her financial luck. Don't ask me, but my hubby finds that funny, though secretly i m flattered that my mum thinks Im lucky....

I m meeting Ester tommorow. I kinda cannot remember where shes from now. I think shes from Prudential. I have put off my meeting with her for 2 weeks already. Shes employing me to be a financial planner, but seriously i m not interested. I think i will talk to her and see whats shes offering. If its viable, i will take it. I m supposed to be taking my forex skill seriously and work on it, but i hardly have the time.

What else do i have to say today? Hmm i still bitching about my weight issues. I m again slacking on the losing weight portion. Today is the 15th day of me taking the Norethisterone. Another 15 more days to go to complete the medication and for me to start having sex and make baby. I know i have to lose 1o kgs to conceive but if bigger women can conceive i dun see why i cannot. Sigh. I need to resolve this weight issues seriously.

Anyway nothing much to add, will update if i have anything else.


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