Almost ready to fly

Couple of updates:

Have applied Indian Visa at Quotprro on last Tues, and have collected the approved visas and passports today.
We have yet to get the right accomodation. We are due to fly Chennai on the 18th. TA made a tentative booking, but it auto cancelled today cos we could not confirm the flight. Accomodation is still not sorted out yet.

Next on the line, my BIL's search for job has ended quite sadly. He was not able to get the job he applied for in Bedok. Seems like the company does not have enough quota for foreigners under the S pass category. So poof! There goes his last hope.

It is no joke to find a job in Singapore and being an Indian makes it tougher. Even Mustaffa rejected him. On a brighter note, I think its difficult to get a job in 3 months,...need more than that. BIL will be coming again, but not so soon. Hes got into some issues with his own inlaws. Hes got to settle those issues first back home and then move on with his life. I was pretty sure he will settle down in here. Sigh.
Next Raihaan. Hes becoming more and more active every day. Hes learning to talk back and he constantly says "Vendam" if hes angry. Hes becoming more of a moody and angry toddler. According to his playgroup teacher, she says hes active, participate in the class activites and dances along to the music. So hes normal it seems. I sure hope hes ok. I m still worried though. Haiz.

It gets tougher to maintain a clean house with all the mess he creates in seconds. By the time TA comes back home, which is about 9 at night, i am in a very dishellved state and totally exhausted both mentally and physically. Its a challenge just to bring Raihaan out. He wants to be carried at all times and if he wants to get down to run he must get down to run. If not, he creates a very embarassing scene by screaming his lungs out, crying, pulling my hair,spitting and all sort of things.

I m living each day by the level of Raihaan's atrocity. I really, really hope i can go through this phase in his life by not phyically hurting him when i lose my patience. I really do. Just two days ago, he hit me hard with a plastic cup. He was not happy that i was lying down on the couch resting. It of course resulted in a small little noticeable lump in my forehead and it took a great deal of patience not to hit him back. All i did was to pull the cup back from him and let him scream at me.

Seriously, is this the terrible two phase? Cos if it is, let me tell you....its not nice.

Next on the agenda is TA. Hes of course so overworked he hardly understands what i m talking. He goes off to work, works his ass out,comes back home tired and he sleeps. Finance wise, hes still struggling to balance the checkbook and i m struggling to understand why hes got a three figure amount left in his account just 10 days in to April. Its not his fault - understood. I need a job. I need to get some money rolling in. Was supposed to start looking for a part time job, but with the Chennai trip coming up, i have put that into Hold till we come back in two months time.

And now last on the agenda - me.
I have slacked in my diet this whole week.

My free yoga videos has been replaced with some other work out that does not suit me. And thus i have not exercised for the past 1 week, ate during the forbidden hours and slept on untimely basis. I need to get back to the wagon. I cannot fall back now that we are going to Chennai. I seriously wonder if i ever will be slim enough to confidently try on the clothes on the mannequin in all the shops in the mall. Its really depressing to shop for clothes my size. I need to lost weight, but its not easy. Haiz.

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