We are where we were meant to be

How did my birthday go? Well..once I completed my last blog entry - TA brought me a cake as a surprise. It was a Nutella cake from Polar. TA, BIL and me were in the kitchen , and we welcomed my 32nd year of my life quietly.

TA and I had a lunch date at Amara's the following day too. It was nice - he presented a rose bouquet to me. I have a pic of that - in my phone, not uploaded yet. All in all - it was nice. Expectations were NIL and thus i was happy with the outcome. Well thats about my birthday. Lets review the life since my birthday shall we?

I failed my actual Henna exam. I was 15 mins away from completing my designs and honestly i had so much trouble with the damn henna cones provided and i am supposed to work miracles on them! Goodness ...Fathima and I were furious. Fathima was my henna model for that day for your information.

She also gave me a treat in Swensons located in Holland V. I always have good times when i with her. Shes a darling....

I m kinda going through some itching phase as well. I have developed rashes on the front and the back of my neck and on my two arms. The sweat triggers it i think. For now, the Itch Guard given by my mother is working out. The weather is so god dammed hot nowadays. I hope the weather changes soon, cos i cannot keep sweating and itching like this for long.

Apart from that lets see. I learnt this week that the author of the Twilight saga had her inspiration from a dream she had. I learnt this in Oprah, kinda nice to hear. Anyway i like Oprah...she seem to make alot of people happy, i like the way her audience react when they receive surprises from her. I dunno if i ever get to see her. Shes an enigma.

I also learnt that my hubby's relatives back in Chennai are being such pain in the ass ( as normal). His sis wants us to come to Chennai to have my kid's circumsicion there. Thats in conjuction with the circumcision of two of BIL's kids as well. Its a tradition in India to have the circumsicion celebrated with feast and festivity though i honestly have no idea why that is so. They even celebrate when a girl attains puberty and put her on public display - but thank god atleast shes not being cut up or something.

SIL wants a grand function when the boys' privates are being slaughtered. And shes wants it in April, when her son has his school holidays. The moment when this was sugested i told hubby that this was not gonna happen. I m not gonna have some god damned function thousands of miles away from home. I mean we dun have that kind of money. I dun understand why his family thinks we are printing money. Indians and their fascination with having functions for every weeny reasons dumbfounds me.

FIL called in today and discussed this with Hubby again and this time round, Hubby put it straight forward to him that BIL coming over to Chennai without a job, will not happen. And theres is no way TA and us can come over. TA is running this family with the budget he has. Its not easy and I know it. But its just difficult for them to understand it seems. Anyway i m not sure., Everytime SIL thinks and suggests something, my heart rate and pressure pumps up. There must be something wrong with me to actually dun like his family members.

I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if i had married a local or a foriegner not from the Indian peninsula. Talking about cross country marriage - my poly mate Bhuvanesh married a foreigner as well. His name is Andres Oldman. Weird name for a young man. Learnt about her marriage from Face book and also saw the pics there as well. I just wonder how she became my good friend to just a poly mate in the space of 10 plus years, I think i could have saved the friendship if i had stayed in touch with her more often or went out to pub with her more often. i dunno.

But i think we are all where we were meant to be. I do admire her for the courage to be out from the normal way of life. I mean ...come on i will love to be where she is too...she gets to see so many places and do so many things that i have no courage to do. We are where we were meant to be I guess.

Well i m at my bed in the dark as i type this. Raihaan is sleeping and its gonna be another day in life for me. I love this life i have and i really hope that i don't mess this up. I m not sure if i will be someone in life or acheive something in life. I just hope that i dun miss the miracles i get to see.

Looking after Raihaan and the house is not exactly my vision of a perfect life....but being with Raihaan and TA is the closest i will ever get to be in heaven. I m humbled by the miracles i see in Raihaan. 

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