Birthday month


Planned TA's birthday. BIL helped with the preparation and all. TA was clearly surprised by the effort.

Planned Raihaan's birthday yesterday. He had his cake cut in his school. BIL helped me with the party favours. Managed to get 15 party favours up and running. Will be having a small gathering celebration this coming Sat to celebrate Raihaan's birthday.

I had my periods for 2 weeks now. I m still not planning to see any gyn till i lose some obvious weight which i am still stuggling with at this moment.

I am having sinus flu at the moment, and i m not sure why.

I m not happy with TA being busy with work all the time.
Not happy with me and cleaning the house all the time. I m unhappy with all the things in my life nowadays. I think being a housemaker is getting to my nerves. I am thinking of going back to work, but only part time cos i dun want to affect Raihaan's play group time.I need to get the henna exam out of the way. I think my designs are good, but my timing sucks. Wheter i fail or pass - i need to get this exam over and done with.

Been also having some nagging residual thoughts of J though i m not sure why. I m must be going wacko.

Also i am not sure why i lashed out at Jasheela at my last post, though she was not to blame for whatever my mum did to her. My mum makes a good mother in law to a DIL. Thank god shes got no son.

Anyway i will post Raihaan's birthday pics later when i have the time. I m tired and need rest and i m not sure why i get tired all the time either. I know something is wrong, but i m not sure what. Hopefully, everything goes well.

Oh by the way - Mrs D - will be having her baby via adoption in April. Hope it all goes well. She deserves a happy ending.

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