Somethings wrong.

Its been a while since i blogged and as usual, i m aware.
Somethings wrong with me and i m not sure, how to explain what i have been feeling.
Its not about Raihaan, its about me. Theres something going on with me and i m not sure what.

Depression? I m not sure.
I am feeling my weight for the past couple of days now.
I noticed a bloody stain on my underwear the day before yesterday. And this is just one week after my last so called periods which consisted of alternate day staining for two weeks instead of the 3 days heavy period that I usually have. And that got me worried. A quick check with Marlina and sister later, i had the same message. Check with the doc.

I have been feeling tired and strained for the past few days. And i have no idea why.
My weight has plummeted back to 99kg again and i guess this is due to the heavy eating last weekend at the satay club.

I m tired of hearing my mum and sis complaining and "advising" me to start losing weight.
I am feeling kinda scared too nowadays. I m not sure if i am having some fibroids or ovarian cysts.

Anyway a quick update.

My BIL, Thaha is here in town. He arrived last week, Tuesday. Hes looking for a job here and we are helping him as much as we can.

We had a function at home for our newest kid on the block, Katheejah. She had her head full of hair shaven. I did nothing much yesterday, just helped my mum pack the food. No pics taken as usual.

And Raihaan is doing well in his playgroup. He did not cry today and i really hope he does not cry again tommorow or the day after and all. Guess u get my point.

Anyway got to go now. Need to clear Raihaan's shitful of diaper and get him changed.


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