Not so smart cousin

Hello there again. Nothing much to add, since i m not in the mood to write a long long story of whatever that happened in my life today. I will just summarise so that i will not forget in days to come.

First of all - me.
BIL and I discussed alot from our wedding to the relatives yesterday. I brought him out to IMM for breakfast at McDees and we spoke alot. Then we went to Tanjong Pagar and waited one hour at the McDees there as well. Anyway i met Prema and she still looks rocking. The H1N1 did not seem to affect her one bit. Thank God for that.

The boys and iu walked to Esplanade, chilled out a bit and then went back home. We spent the night playing Monopoly where BIL became the loser and TA the winner. We played till 3.30am in the morning,

Raihaan was at my mum's for overnight.

Today after breakfast at Teban market, i went home and picked Raihaan up. We then headed to Pasir Ris for the Xplorerkid playground. Spent an hour there, went to IMM had dinner and got Raihaan to play in the water playground. Had fun and now all the boys except Bals and I are awake.

Now the above mentioned details ae just the eat narratives of what happened to me the last 2 days.

The following are summary:

1) Jasheela - my not so bright cousin called me on Wed morning to voice out her woes. She did not want to stay put at my mums anymore. Understood her point. But i did not understand why she was telling me her soppy stories. Promised her that i will not tell mum what she told me. All i did was to tell her to get out of the house if she has a place to go to.

2) Jasheela's father - my not so smart but act smart Uncle called me on Thursday evening just to chat. After thanking our hospitality for letting my uncles stay with us, he started talking about my not so bright cousin who happens to be his daughter. I was still not getting the point.

You see - my not so bright cousin happens to stay at my mums. So my not so smart-but act smart uncle should be calling and talking to my mum and not to me. The whole family was starting to act wacko. So i told my uncle to talk to my mum.

3) My not so patient with wayward kids mum called me and asked me if my not so smart but act smart uncled called talking about his not so smart daughter. I told her everything and also told her that i did not understand why i was pulled in to this not so intelligent issue. She did not say much and hung up.

4) When i was at esplanade, my sometimes intelligent sister called and told me that my not so bright cousin packed her stuff and left but not without creating some issues at home. All i managed to hear from her was that - my not so patient with wayward kids mum was nagging at her and my not so smart cousin was about to say something back, when my sometimes intelligent sister yelled at her to shut up.

5) So in the end my not so bright cousin left the house crying and whining. Which is of course not so new cos that idiot only knows how to cry and whine.

6) My man child father got into argument with my not so patient with wayward kids mum about this. But as far as i m concerned, no one actually bothers to talk sense to my man child father cos hes really a dumbass.

7) When I was at my mums - both my not so patient with wayward kids mum and sometimes inteligent sis nearly enacted me the scene that took place the night before. I m kinda glad that i was not there, but enjoying my time outwith the boys.

8) I was told not to entertain my not so smart cousin and her not so smart but act smart father.

Jasheela - the following is for you if you STILL have not understood the above:

You are fucking irritating and stupid lah.
Get a life. For a begining - why not think before you start to talk and try to complete a sentence.
You irritate not only me, but the entire human intelligent race. If there are people who really understand you - they deserve a nobel prize.
I mean - how stupid can you be? You are 24 donkey years old and you don't have a career to hold on to. What is wrong with you?

Yeah yeah - i m arrogant and snobbish, but i seriously think that talking to you is such a waste of time. Unless of course you can prove me wrong, which i think is not so likely in the near future.

So why not you educate yourself and try to move up in life. And dun bug me. None of us like you.
Also, we wun give up our CPF for you. Not all of us are stupid like Majid K.


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