Americans and their culture

Today Fathima and I are bringing the kids out for a swim at the Jurong East swimming complex. I will not be letting Raihaan swim, but he will get to play in the water under my close supervision. If my mum or hubby find out that i brought Raihaan out to play in the water when hes just recovering from flu, they will screw me up. Well thats me...the rebel.

Anyway - i have cleaned the house, had breakfast and fed Raihaan his breakfast and his milk and hes now fast asleep. I m waiting for Oprah to begin on the hall mark channel. I am beginning to learn and understand so much of America and the people by just watching Oprah and reading her magazine. They are weird. Why?

America by far is the most advanced nation in the world, both military wise and economy wise ( but that itself is a question in these days). They are rich, democratic, have free will, and etc. By God, they are America!! Everyone would want to go the land of the dreams and achieve that American dream ( though i have no idea what that means). I have been to America through the pages of the books i have read all my life. I have seen New York, been to Boston, and Las Vegas and all the places not only in book, but in sitcoms and documentaries i have watched. I know how to cook the food they eat just by watching Food network. I know the different accents they have. Texans and Southerners ( in Southern California) sound almost alike.They have weird odd names for their states such as Ohio, Mississippi, Orleans and so on.

They all have a firm belief in free will. They are strong and confident people. I have learnt from watching movies that there are different teams of law enforcement. There's the FBI ( they are based in a place called Quantico..i knew that by just reading Patricia's novels), CBI, NSA, CSI, the police departments ( the famous NYPD), and so on, How many a times the FBI has been portrayed as a not much liked team with a know all big brother attitude? You can see that in Die Hard movies.

You see - America has been portrayed in so many forms. In books, sitcoms, documentaries and not forgetting the news. But even with all the knowledge that i have of America - what i did not know was that there are poor people there too.

There are homeless people there. There are people who are not wired correctly. There are people who have wrong notions about the basics such as marriage and life.

I learnt over the years that the Americans are so advanced - that they forgotten who they really are. For example, lets talk about marriages. The women there make a big deal about getting ring on their finger - but then they do not work on keeping the ring there forever. They make a vow before God that they will be there forever and ever - but that forever actually lasts about maximum 7 years. Money and infidelity usually accounts for most of the divorces. The number of divorces in that country are appalling you know. I just do not understand why they need to get married and then separate. They already are co living. And when they separate they usually have to find a place of their own and then start the dating game all over again. Don't they get tired of all these?

I have seen movies in which the parents are so passionate over the kids and they would go any length to protect their child, but somehow or rather they are ok with the kids going away to a far away place to study, get married and then never get to see them. It seems that they are letting their kid have a life of their own. I call it weird. You go through great lenghts to protect your child and then you let them go at a certain age and you may or may not see your child again and that is ok? Its ok if they come to visit every weekend - but when they are gone to a far away place and that is ok with the parents? Sad.

There's this reality tv i watch called 'Jon and Kate plus 8'. Its about this couple Jon and Kate who have a set of twin and a a set of sextuplets. They have been filmed from the day the sextuplets were born. So yeah the couple made a huge fortune out form the show - which i will not blame them at all - cos how the hell are the parents gonna provide for the huge brood they have if they don't have any source of income? Well back to the story. I have always liked the couple. They manage very well, I was always in awe of the Jon guy. He was so cool. He's married and he looks after his kids as a full time job. But in the back of my mind, i was like come hes still married? Usually these American would have abandon the marriage by now'. And then came the news that the couple are separating. I am not saying that American men abandon their families - all men would have run away if they had such a big brood. My hubby would have panic attack every time he comes home. But i don't think American men believe in the sanctity of marriage and the importance of family. I see Kate talking about how much she loves the kids and how much work she puts to ensure that the kids have a normal, healthy life. But now that they are separated - there are news that the kids feel the impact on this in their life and so on and so forth.

By god they are kids. And kids will be kids.

These Americans are all the shrinks pets i call them. Any little problem they have - they run to their shrinks. Its kinda becoming a common thing to have. If you don't go to a shrink- there's something wrong with you. Why not turn to your best friend for an advise or for a listening ear? What are friends for if they don't listen to you or be there for you? Or worse comes to worst - come up with a diary or a blog and write down whatever you feel. There are bound to be someone out there who will be there to help and advise.

Why is there depression in the country that is so called the greatest nation in the world? What is there to be depressed about? If you are depressed - go somewhere and cry your heart out for sometime, pull yourself up, do something distracting and work yourself back up again. The only thing that will help to heal any emotional and even physical pain is time. I am aware that not everyone has the same issue. There are un speakable issues that are truly horrific to listen and know ( incest, child pornography and all) but then, thing happen. You don't end your life and others together with you just cos you are depressed ( as happens in gun shooting in high schools).

Talking about shooting - why the hell is having a gun so easy in America? Why the hell is there a gun in house that has kids? Also why is pornographic magazines available in the newsstand for kids to see? Why is porn available in the video shop? Why is porn allowed in the Internet. Why do teenage celebrities behave like dogs? Why is Britney Spears allowed to perform when she is such a bad example to kids all over? America calls in Free will.

I call is Culture less.

I don't hate America. I would love one day to go to Chicago and meet Oprah and shake her hands one day. Shes a real American icon. I have learnt so much about America from Oprah. Just that this blog is just an inspiration coming out after seeing Oprah on Tv.

Go to go. Ciao.

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