Lousy talents

Today i learned how to hold a henna cone in my weekly henna class today. Still, my henna patterns are coming up like bird shit. Haiz. I just practised it on my mum and then for another 2 hours on plain papers just now. Its not improved yet. Still the same. I think i need to practice alot. I went through Vino's website and all her patterns look great. I wonder why i m not able to do this henna thingy well enough. I guess i need to practice alot then.

Nothing great happened this week...well its only midweek, Everythings the same. I received my last cheque from Softship thanks to Normi. I have transfered a bulk of it to my mum,. I only have SGD200 and less balance.

Im more or less getting into the schedule now. The family wakes up by 8am, Raihaan will have his breakfast by 8.30am, Brush his teeth by 9.30am and will have his shower before 10am. He will have his breakfast before 10.30 am and sleep before 12noon. His max duration of afternoon nap is 2.5 hours. But that only happened once or twice only. So far hes been sleeping only once in the day and that lasts 1.5 hours only.

I think i need to bring him out alot and tire him- guess he will sleep longer. This week, i have learned how to oay all the household bills using TA's credit card. Kind of confusing at first, but i think i will get the hang of it in the months to come.

Anyway, theres nothing much to add this week, Finishing off with the pics taken this week. Pictues of Raihaan taken by TA when they were away from my view for a few seconds.

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