Whats going on?

The past few days were hectic.
Raihaan had a viral infection where he kept having loose stools and vomited.
He was brought over to KKH twice in 48 hours.
Mum came over to stay in Teban to look after Raihaan while I had to go to work. But then on the 30th of Sept - the day she came over to stay – she had tummy upset as well as had three vomiting bouts. I brought her to NUH , kept vigil for 7 hours. By the time I got home, I had an upset tummy.

I think the dark chocolates with the frappe I had in the wee hours brought this on to me.
It was only after a jab I had to take from the neighborhood doctor – which I slowly recovered. But then Thameem developed a cold – and I got infected again.

I m still having cold now as I blog, and I hope to recover soon.

Last weekend - we went down to Punggol Central again. We were invited for dinner at Prakash’s hood. This time we were well prepared. We left our house early by 5.30pm go the bus to Harbour Front and then took the train to Punggol Station. I knew that there’s virtually no shop there - so we bought snacks and juice from Teban itself. The last time which was also the first time I was in Punggol central, was when we went visiting Tiaku. Pretty embarrassing - when we went there empty handed cos we assumed that Punggol would have a shopping mall.

Prakash’s place was in the same cluster of block as Tiaku, though I forgot which block Tiagu was in. I din have my mobile, and thus could not call him as well.

Just as I thought, Amara’s sisters were there. I was actually hoping to see Amara’s mum as well – since it’s been a while since I met her.

But the evening progressed well. Raj Kumar – another one of Thameem’s friend was also there. Raihaan had fun being with the girls, especially with Lakshmi. Raihaan missed her when he went back home that night. The food was great. I admire food cooked when no recipe book is involved. The girls decided to cook rice when the guests arrived – hence I was able to see what they were cooking. No recipe book. Impressive.

Overall the food was great. Spicy and hot – but great. Thameem enjoyed every morsel of the rice. He makes me feel as if he’s not eating enough at home.
Talking about eating at home – it has been a while since I last cooked.
I have arranged an open house to have a small lunch for my team mates.
Will cook something small and simple for them.

Oh did I mention that today is Jess’s birthday as well? I will post the pictures soon enough.

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