One week of being unemployed

This is the 20th of Oct- wee hours in the morning.
13th of Oct - came and went...and now i m free from the clutches of work and the stress it brings. I m now a house maker - a full time caretaker and provider for my only kid - Raihaan. Well at least for the moment. Its gonna be a week since i left Softship - and what have Ibeen up to?

I actually cannot remember all the details...but i do remember sitting on the couch alot.
Well this week was more like a breather...i m still not used to being at home full time yet...still trying to catch a grip on it.

Being with Raihaan is nice...better than i thought it would be. Hes kinda happy that i m around..and hes more active than ever.

As for me...i m more focused on getting the house in order and trying to have a grip on Raihaan. I want to bring him out more often and get him to explore and play more. But this week - i only brought him out alone thrice. Not much i know -but i m trying. its difficult to get Raihaan to do what i want at this stage. Hes kinda independent. He does not like to hold hands when walking- he prefers to do the exploring and walking by himself. So I may want to walk right - he will want to walk left....and if don't walk left - hell will break loose. So thats where the discipline part comes in.

So far have not raised my voice or hit him in public yet- but have done all that at home. Hes ok at home...but its at public i m worried about.

Its not easy being a full time mother. I knew that from the beginning....but i m just venting it out here. If i had help with the housework - I could spend more time with Raihaan. Its the cleaning, cooking and laundry that wears me out. Maybe if i woke up earlier - I could do the cleaning before Raihaan wakes up and then when he sleeps in the afternoon - i will continue with the laundry or something like that. Cos currently - I have to constantly look out for him when i m doing anything at home -let it be cooking or cleaning. Sigh.

I have not been going to my yoga class for the past 2 months. I will be starting tommorow. I did some warming up today - and guess what? I m back to the beginning. I cannot touch my feet anymore and my back began to hurt like mad for the past 2 days. I think it might be the bed or something - the back just hurts...

Also i put on another 2 more kilos again. And now i m back to 98 kg where it all began. It must be the damn Rocher chocolates. I have to do something... i know i sound neurotic....alway talking about losing weight and never getting there. And yes - i m officially declaring my weight in here cos im not losing it by keeping it to myself. Darn.

Well anyway - back to my life once again. TA got slapped with a SGD2000 tax money and we have no idea where to get that money from. TA said he will try to get an extension to have the tax paid later....

And thats about it for the moment.

I m going for my first Henna class tommorow after 3pm in Clementi and then to Yoga class at 8.30pm at the community centre.

Will come up with more updates as and when I can.


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