2nd week of being jobless.

I think this is the 2nd week since un employment..i think because i am not keeping track of the time here.

Last week saw me going to my Yoga class on Tues after a 2 month hiatus. Since i did some practices on Mon,it was easier to get on with the class. Happen to find out that the 1st class i attended after 2 months happened to be the last class. So i had to sign up for the new class beginning next week and also attend the extra classes i missed.

Henna class was ok. The one to one class was conducted by a young lady called Vinodhini. For the first class - she taught me some basic designs and how to draw them and all. I was also given some homework to do. Was told to come up with 5 simple intricate designs by my next class. I did some work here and there, but i slack the creative juice.,..i m not coming up with anything new here. Haiz...hope i get something out soon by Wed.

I have not been doing much here at home. I still have not come up with the time table for me.
I m still lazing around, trying to find out how to do things effectively here with a toddler in hand.
Mum dropped by for a visit yesterday, and she was not happy with the way i was running the household it seems. The house seemed to be a mess and she swears that she could clean the house with two toddlers around with not much problem.

She put Raihaan to sleep and then helped out with the housework at home. We cooked together and it was kinda of nice to have her around. She cooked fish curry, while i prepared the rice, vegetable gravy for Raihaan and stir fried veges for lunch. I later prepared banana dumplings for tea time.

Im not sure why i m not able to give the house a good clean and all - but it is tough. Just the other day - i decided to fix up the 108 pcs of Jigsaw when Raihaan was awake to see if i could make it with him around. And at the same time,he was kinda wondering why there was smoke coming out from the incence stick. So i gave him a stick and at the same time tried to fix the puzzle. Of course the outcome was not good. He somehow managed to get a small burn mark on his face. Thats one lesson learnt.

I m still not able to do anything i want with him around and i m not sure how to go on about it.
I know i should prepare his milk, shower him and give him his breakfast and have him ready for his nap by 12pm. I then have only max 1.5 hr till he wakes up. It is at this time that i shower and clear the rest of the mess at home.

I have not been able to bring him out as much as i want to. Rabeena,and i together with the kids went out to Suntec to check out the koi fishes, And then i dropped at Tanjong Pager and waited for TA to come so that we could go home together. We then went to IMM had our dinner there and went back home. That tired me out.

The following day, we went to my mum's place, then swimming and backto West Coast again to play with sparklers.

Even now, at the time of me blogging, I put Raihaan away on to his cot, cos he not letting me be with the pc. Hes just crying away calling out " MAAMI!".

I m tired already. I think i will just wash my face,get dressed and bring him out to play at the playground in a short while. He needs to run around for a while.


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