6 days to Hari Raya

Hari Raya Puasa is coming next week.
So far - I have almost completed my shopping.

Raihaan’s news clothes - checked.
Mohammad’s new clothes - checked.
New clothes for me - checked.
New clothes for Thameem-checked
Curtains for the balcony – checked
Curtains for all the rooms in the house – checked
Bed sheet and spread for the bedroom – checked
Snack and cookies - checked.

The only thing I have missed out buying was the cookie tray. I saw the one I wanted on the first browsing trip to Geylang on the 5th of this month. But somehow, I did not see it when I went for my actual and second shopping trip last Friday on the 11th of Sept.
Thameem is taking the blame, because he was the one stopped me from buying it saying that we could buy it again when we come for the actual shopping.

So we might be going for one last round of shopping to look for the tray and get some last minutes stuffs for my mum. She wanted a flower set as well as the dangling stuffs for the kitchen door.

Fasting has been going on well. Today is day 24 of the fasting month. And as usual, I failed to wake up which obviously angered Thameem. Raihaan stayed at mum’s place last night because he slept and we did not want him to go through the hassle of local transportation back home.

Also yesterday, we were at Jurong point at noon cos Fauzana’s daughter got through the finals of Disney Princess competition or something like that. So she asked us to come down and support her if possible cos though the judges votes count for 50 % of the result – the votes from spectators count too. So we went down, and were cheering for Neelufer.
She was so cute. I was expecting her to be a princess with the frilly clothes and all - but she gave me a shock when she appeared in a belly dancers outfit. She danced to the Guru’s belly dancing Maya maya song. She came in 2nd. And there were lots of gifts these girls got. Sometimes I wish I had a baby girl to splurge her too….never mind. Having Raihaan is cost saving for now.

Rajen and Ras were there as well. They drove us back home actually; we invited them over to our house for Raya which I myself don’t know when I will arrange. Most probably after the 13th of Oct when I m finally not working.

I m so looking forward to the day I will not go to work. I am also aware that the novelty of staying at home to care for a messy house and equally messy and loud kid will wear off within 7 days…but I have to seriously. Raihaan and I have a maximum let’s say 4 years before I scoot him off to school. Till then, I want to be his best friend till some kid takes over that job. I m so sure he will not remember all these in times to come, but I will. I am planning to bring him out a lot. Spend as much time as possible out of home, so that he will not end up a play station kid. I m also planning to take lots of pictures when I m out and have an album full of the pics we took. I think I will name the album “The jobless days’. Hopefully it will serve me as a reminder why I quit in the first place.

Anyway not much of work now. I m pretty much bored. So I will be looking into the cases that are not solvable for now and see what I can do with it. Maybe I can try and close the case. It’s better than doing nothing and waiting for new cases to come up for me to pounce on.

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