5 days after EID

Its day 5 after Eid!

We celebrated Eid well.
Dressed up in the sari Thameem bought and got Raihaan dressed and ready and left for my mum’s place to celebrate that day. Of course - not forgetting Thameem.

Overall it was a nice day.
We spend the night over at my mum’s and brought Raihaan to Vivo city to play in the water fountain the following day! Shaffie and his family were with us too. It was kind of a nice very low key event. We din have anyone over - it was celebrated among family members.

I have arranged Hari Raya Open house - one for the team on the 3rd of Oct. I m planning one for my family and close friends and the other just for friends only.
I will not be having the entire feasty gala thingy... it will be just some simple food with lots of cookies and snacks.

Also - did I mention that the house looks much better now?
We have fitted the new curtain to all the rooms and they look much much better. Even Thameem feels that the house looks complete. It’s a different feel when we walk into the house every evening. I will post picture of the house pretty soon.

I am slowly preparing myself for the jobless era. At the moment, I have signed up for the henna class conducted by Vinoz Henna Artwork. That will be on the 19th of Oct. Just want to do something that I always wanted to do…work out something nice.

Anyway, just found out that Azlida is pregnant with her first child!. So happy and at the same time sad that I don’t have any good news to share.

Well got to go. Need to configure my Ms Lappy. At the moment, she’s not set to what I want yet.
Will keep updated.



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