Maids gone

Its been a series of ups and downs in my household.
First of all - my second maid in few months ( I m not sure how many months) has quit.
I sent her back to the agent - who had no good words to offer her.

My in laws have decoded to leave. They are leaving on the 19th evening flight to Chennai.
After my maid left – I thought it will be wise to rush my in laws to leave as well. It was they who said they wanted to leave since we have a new maid to look after the house. Now that the maid is gone, I m sure they felt bad and wanted to stay back till we get another maid and all… but I felt that I have burdened my in laws a lot.

I pity my MIL. She did a lot for us… I really am so thankful to her. In fact I m surprised that I feel so sad that they are leaving. It’s just that - I m used to seeing them for 5 months now - and we have been quite close. So I am kind of fond of her. I will just miss her. I know that. As much as I don’t want her to go – I cannot have her here as well. She will be over worked. She needs her rest. Also - TA is in a lot of financial mess - he needs the space to work things out together. It will be tough for him to look out for his parents, his brother in India and us all at the same time.

My mum needs a maid to look after the cleaning of the house as well. She’s not been feeling well nowadays and with my sister pregnant and all – I m not sure how she’s going to run her home.

And talking about managing a home, I m worried about me as well. I m worried how much I can clean my house, look after Raihaan’s and TA’s need and preserve my sanity as well. I guess - I have to try it out. No pain – no gain. After all - what is life without challenges?

Also – our family portrait is now out.
They pics are looking so lovely. I love all the grandparents shots. All except mine were good.

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