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I know it’s been a long time since I blogged. Well I was busy for some time with work and all. Chinese New Year holidays are now long gone. The office will be back in full force by coming Monday when Francis the programmer is back from his Chinese New Year holiday.

Apart from that -home wise, Raihaan has started to walk already. He took his first three steps on the 1st of Feb. Of course video of that memorable milestone has been taken.
This only means one thing. It means that the days of having a quiet baby sitting and crawling around is gone!!!!!!!!!! He’s going to run around the house, bringing him down the floor all my beautiful scented candles and their IKEA teacups!!!

Sue, my good friend finally called me!!!! She called me on Sat and we managed to talk a while only - since she was working on that day. It was after putting the phone down with her I realized that I felt a burden in my heart lift….felt lighter in years.

Anyway she’s working for Star hub and absolutely loathing every minute of it. She’s on a lookout for another job….something in accounting she said.

Well hopefully we’ll meet up in Tiagu’s wedding tomorrow.

Talking about that - like I mentioned earlier – tomorrow is Tiagu’s traditional. I hope I can be there around 11.30am or so like I told him I’d be. This time, I will remember to take my Digital camera along and take as much photos as I can in close up and report it in my blog and in multiply. Was actually not thinking of bring Raihaan along. I m sure it’s going to be a long and loud event. So I will have to feed him his milk and food in the wedding hall itself. He will be so tired and cranky. Then I will be very irritated cos he’s crying and will blow up at TA. Want to avoid all these. But it seems that since Mum and Thuan may be coming along as well – so Raihaan might follow us. I could have bought him the Indian traditional outfit for him since he’s already turning one soon. I have yet to buy anything that looks similar to tradition!

Since my in laws are visiting next week - thought of asking my SIL to buy and give them the tradition kurta attire for Raihaan in time for his Birthday. Well I think will call her later today and ask her.

And talking about my in laws coming…well it’s been decided. They are arriving on the 16th of Feb morning flight. TA and I will go over to the airport to receive them. I am not sure if Raihaan will be with us. Will have to ask TA on how it works.
Yes…I m mentally prepared for all the trouble that will brew between me and TA over his parents. I m also mentally prepared for all the arguments that will arise between me and my mum over Raihaan.

This time with the maid around - I hope my house will look the same as it has been for the past 7 months. I have already advised my maid on the ‘to do’s when they arrive.
Just told my maid - not to interfere in my MIL’s cooking and cleaning. Only that – when I come home - I want to see the house neat. That’s all.
Mondays to Thursdays, Raihaan will be with my in laws. Fri he will be with my mum the whole day till we come back after work to pick him up as usual. Sat and Sun the family will be at home - may be go out somewhere.

Raihaan’s schedule is fixed until TA tampers with it. Which I m sure he will somewhere in between. Well will see when the day comes.

Ramani and I have made peace recently. I think I did not update my blog on Rama and Sara. Rama and Sara did come down to meet Raihaan. I guess that was somewhere in June. After that they became very busy with their schedules. Sara made some switches in his MBA course, and changed his job; He is now no longer working as a lecturer in Singapore Poly but at NP. He also made some financial errors that have let them into some very deep shit. So that’s why they were not able to meet us. That’s what Rama told me. Sara did call us for a movie last weekend. But both TA and I preferred to stay at home with Raihaan and be entertained by him, rather than watch a Tamil movie. So we had to decline.

I invited them to the party that we were throwing for Raihaan.

Did I mention party? Oh yes.

Well I have been thinking about how to spend Raihaan’s birthday for a very long time. From celebrating it in cruise to spending the weekend in Bintan, and staying in Sentosa. Then the finances made the choices. We actually decided not to do it at all.

Then that’s where Sue comes in. I told her that we will be blowing cake and that’s it. She mentioned about wanting to come and visit. I sat and thought about it.
Our first son. Why am I celebrating his one year? Is it actually for him? After thinking for a very long time, I decided to come up with a party here at home. Why?

1) This is to celebrate the 12 months we had Raihaan with us.
2) We never did celebrate anything in our house. Hari Rayas are usually at my mum’s.

After discussing it with TA, we decided to have a birthday party for Raihaan. What started out as a small party only with family, we included the close friends. Then now, we have included Raihaan’s collegues as well.

I am actually excited because, it gives me another project to do. I like keeping my thoughts busy with things to do and organize. I like it.

So far I have already ordered the cake. I also surfed the Net for some party ideas. I have printed out the checklist and the details I need. The guest list is ready. TA and I have to make some shopping trips to get the deco and items needed for the party. There will be no themes this year…hopefully there will be one next year. I need to get all the decos and items by the beginning of next week - so that we will not rush and mess up on the week when my in laws visit. When the deco and item is done and over with, I have to focus on the food. So far only one main food has been selected- Mee Hoon Briyani. The rest will be muffins, chips and dips. I have yet to think of more.

Will keep the blog updated as and when I have the time.

Anyway that’s about it. Need to work on my test cases now….i m still at work.


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