Party Prep

OK i m updating the party arrangements,
So far the deco items for the house, the serviettes and stuffs for the food has been purchased.
The favour bag for the kids were packed last night and the thank you cards have been written. The invitations has been sent out- except for a few which i will post them out today.

Jessica's Boyfriend will be taking the picture while Jessica and her friend will be handling the video camera and the tatoo bar for the kids.

I wanted to get the tidbits like chocolates and sweets yesterday at the whole sale party shop itself, but TA was adamant that he wanted to biy good quality sweets....

I din want to start an argument with him - so i asked him to take care of the sweets department.
The cake has been ordered - Swenson
The cupcakes are ordered - Coffeebean
The food has been chosen - Catering services
The deco and the balloons to be up by Fri night.

The food list at the moment are as below:
Curry Puffs
Spring Roll
Mini pizza
cup cakes
mee hoon goreng
Finger sandwich
banana muffins
blueberry bread
apple crumble
fried chicken
baby biscuits
snacks like twisties and chips


Lemonade with perrier for adults
Heniz baby fruit juice as welcome drinks for babies
I will be preparing the muffins, blueberry bread, apple crumble and the sandwich.
Have asked my friends to come early to help me out.
Rabeena confirmed that she will not be coming.
Mum as usual not happy that i called her mental - so shes boy cotting the party. I dun give a damn at the moment.

Anyway i m on MC since yesterday and on leave for three days of Wed till Friday.

We are bringing Raihaan out to the Bird park in the morning and then come back home to spend some quality time with Raihaan.

This Thursday we have been invited to Ramani's home to celebrate the trio's birthday. And oh by the way - Ramani is pregnant again!!!
She told me that this pregnancy is infact her third one as she had a miscarriage in December. There was no way i could have known this....she din tell anyone.

Anyway - the wave of pregnancy number 2 is slowly making its rise again.
Marlina is in, Ramani is next. I wonder who else is.
I am trying, i m trying. If i m not hitting again - what can i do?

I just missed my menses again - tried to do a check.
But then dunno why it showed the result as invalid when i tested it in the morning.

Will try again tmrw morning. That why u shd get a good quality PTK. Not the cheap Watson type of kits..... they dun give a proper result!!!

Anyway...ending with the pics taken of the party prep.

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