Down with flu and cough

Today is the 9th of Feb and i m sick. It started off with a sore throat on Sat which i think, i fueled it up by drinking lemonade in Thiagu's wedding. And now i m down with flu and cough.

Somethings don't change in my side. For one thing - i prepared everything the eve of Thiagu's wedding. I chose the sari (bright orange heavilly sequined saree) the bangles and even decided on the hair style. I told TA to prepare Raihaan's costume as well - but guess what? I was ready, but my son was not on Sat. I was supposed to be at the temple at 11.30am...instead i left the house at 11.45pm and reached the temple just 30 min before he tied the knot.

Raihaan got to wear this long pants and a simple t-shirt a jacket ( which he din get ot wear cos its hot). Trust my hubby to decide what our son wears!!!! I m firing him from the dept.

Met Fauzana and her kids at the temple where Raghu was there as well. He led us into the temple where there was a lift so that mothers with strollers can use it. When i was up in the hallway - met John who led me and TA to sit in the front - so that i can have a good view of the bride and groom. Oh yeah i did get the good view...this time with the blaring live tabbala music. Raihaan was sleeping somemore. So TA got up and went to the end of the hall so that Raihaan will not wake up. Minutes later, when i went to look for him - i saw him talking to Rohni and Noreen. Rohni was carrying a sleeping Balqis as well. I saw some seats available on the right side of the hall and advised both the men to sit there while Noreen and I sit in the front.

Thiagu looked splendid and so did Santhi. She looked sooooooo gorgeous. Anyway Thiagu tied the thali and now both of them are man and wife. After that event, Noreen and I went back to look fr out hubbys. Caught sight of Ram and Luknesh with a girl. Also saw Azeem's entire family members. Alex, Tim and David were there too.

By the end of it all, Alex, Tim , David, Rohni, Noreen, Balqis, TA, me and the maid were all sitting in one table yakking away. We were making fun of Tim about not getting married and all.

After taking a group shot with the newly weds, we went off to visit Mrs Somehsa. It was just nearby anyway, so we just walked. We were there for more than 4o mins. Mrs Somehsa was playing and entertaining Raihaan while i just watched. Cos i was wearing this bright coloured heavily sequined saree, with equally matching jewels and bangles and all, i was actually developing this irritating rash all over on my neck. So we quickly said our byes and rushed off home.

Do not ask for photos...its a sad story. I don't know how, but the settings of my DC went off and the battery was not charged and to make matters worst i left my handphone at home. So i was not able to get any pics of the newly weds at all. But i did ask Fauzana to post the pics in Multiply or in Facebook.

So right now, i m at home alone. Went to the docs in the morning already. TA is at work now. Raihaan and the maid are at my mum's. I will have no rest if Raihaan was here...sad to say but thats the truth. He overexerts me...

Anyway Rabeena's SIL ( her hubby's brother's wife) Regina had a C-section scheduled today to deliver her twins. Shes got boys. Rabeena went over to the hospital to see her.

Right now, since i m at home. just went through my Dale Carnegie book, watched my beloved Michael Smith cook fast homemade food for his family. And now back in my study room trying to find a way to buy the deco for the birthday party and decide on the menu all at once. I m not sleepy yet, but if i feel sleepy, will go for a nice nap and get myself a good sleep.

All i had was two cups of tea and unlimited whole meal biscuits and i still feel hungry. to go. Still some things to check and surf in the time to do this tommorow.


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