Raihaan turns 11months

i just kinda noticed that the since Feb onwards -  my husband and I have not taken a pic together- except for that Azlida's shots. None at all. Its all about Raihaan's first this and first that. This is what happens for a first child they say.  I already got 525 pictures of Raihaan printed. They were taken frm the day i spotted a bump to just a few weeks back.

I was browsing through the pics of all my friends in Face book. All of them in couple. Well wait till they have a kid of their own....

I am kinda surfing the net to look for some places to go out of SIN for a quiet retreat. Not sure when that will be...but we estimate it to be somewhere in Feb when
m has handed over his work to Angelie properly.

We had cruise and maybe rent a villa in Bintan -  but then i m just looking. Nothing is confirmed yet. Its quite a bad time out in the market now...so i m kinda cautious about planning anything.

Saw some pics of Nesh - i have no idea how her lifestyle changed....lots of pics of totally caucasian people...she looks really happy there. I like her lifestyle - free and easy. But I dunno -  for each his own.

Oh - i dunthink i mentioned this anywhere -  but my best friend Marlina is pregnant again. So there goes another opportunity to meet up with her and vomit out all my woes for the past 2 years.

Well it took 2 years to actually talk to her cos the moment she got married -  she was kinda possessed by her hubby. He was following her everywhere.....i din get the opportunity to talk toh her in private. If we plan a date to meet -  her hubby will be there. Not that i have an issue with him -  hes a nice dude....good looking and all.....but i need Marlina for myself too!!!

Then exactly a month after she married she got pregnant. She was the typical preg type -  morning, day and noight sickness  all the time. By the time we met up - she was 7 months...and after that when she gave birth. And then i dun remember.

After Poly, when my closest girlfriends all left on their own ways to live their life....i only had Ina with me here. She was there for me all the way.  My free counsellor.  But marriage ruined it all. I dunno whose.

We were just talking about meeting up on Dec 2 on her Birthday to start bitching about the issues that we have...when she told me she was pregnant again. Well...this time, thankfully i was not upset or anything.....i was sooo happy. So i wun be able to meet up with her for a looong time to come. Talking about pregnant -  both TA and I have decided to start planning for our second kid.

I actually wanted to start as soon as Raihaan was 4 months old -  but TA was too busy with class and somehow -  the timing was not right.

Raihaan has now crawled into his 11th month. I think this is the right time. Somehow Raihaan was an easy baby -  so having him was not that bad. I enjoyed being pregnant ( only because of the nightly leg massage i was having from my 7th month onwards!) 

I wanted to adopt a baby somewhere in May this year -  but TA kinda of said that my motherly instinct to protect babies like Raihaan was getting out of control. And also he said that by adopting a baby -  only one baby's life an change. There are many children who need help. SO he told me to be a volunteer or something. 

It was true -  i was getting so wrenched when i see babies who are abandoned or babies who die due to tainted milk. Cos i see Raihaan in those children, it just hurts me at times....sometimes when i think of all the kids who dies in the earthquake in China -  i feel soo sad for the parents. 

Well that was then....so now...we have started our project. Hopefully i get pregnant this time in June next year and have aMarch baby. Not fair that TA and Raihaan share the same birthday.

Well my inlaws will most probably drop by again in Feb...but thats not confirmed yet.  The plan is to get them to be here in time for Raihaan's birthdy. 
Surprisingly, i m looking forward to their arrival. I miss them. I just miss my MIL's innocence and my FIL's stories.....just simply miss them.

Need take my meds and sleep.....
did i ever mention that i have been having strange and weird dreams for some time? Will blog someday abt them....


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