Goodbye 2008

It’s the last day of the year 2008 today.
Twelve months have crawled by and to be honest, the year ended surprisingly fast.
Let me list the events that happened in this year itself that shaped my life and to be thankful to God for. None of them are in order.

First on the list would definitely be my pregnancy.
I would like to thank God for granting me my wish to conceive and carry my child within me for 10months and 2 days. I am also thankful that I was able to deliver my child without any complications with all His blessings and protection.

I am also thankful for the speedy recovery of my health, both physical and mental. Thankful also for the fact that I had my family to help and support me in this big event. I would have had a hard time coping with my baby if it was not for my mother and her cooking.

Secondly, the accident at home.

It’s not something that I m thankful for…but I m thankful that nothing really bad happened. I am very thankful and grateful to God that I did not hurt my spine or anywhere else in my body which would have resulted in paralysis. I shudder to think what would have happened if the worst did come true….

Thirdly, my partner in life and crime – TA.

This is definitely one of the gifts I m thankful for.
I will like to thank God for giving me my hubby and giving him all the patience to deal with me and my pregnancy. I cannot imagine going through all the months of pregnancy without TA. Thankful to God that He has given me a wonderful hubby, who over the years has become my best friend, counselor, critic, partner, boyfriend and lover. Without him - I don’t think I could have come this far.

Four - Breastfeeding days.

Though I do wish I had continued to breastfeed my son all the way till today, I know that no matter how hard I tried to ignore the pain - I was not able to be happy or satisfied when I breastfeed. Breastfeeding was very painful for me and its something that I still regret not doing it properly. But nevertheless, I will like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to nurse my son till he was 5 months old. I will also like to thank God for giving me enough patience to ignore the terrible nipple wrecking pain to feed my infant. Very thankful.

Five - Raihaan.
I am so thankful to God for giving me Raihaan and the opportunity to be his mother. He has been a textbook baby all the while - from the day he was born to the day he started to have his first solid meal. He was never a difficult baby, and he has pampered both me and my husband. Its not the other way round - we don’t pamper our son. He pampers us. Both I and my husband are thankful to God that He has given us a good and healthy son who does not trouble us.

Six - work.

I m thankful to God, that I still have a job and our company did well enough to give us profit sharing every month till this month. I am also thankful to God for giving me this job as a mean to expand my knowledge.

Seven - my mother.

I have always been thankful to God for giving me my mother. But I will like to say thanks to God for giving me a wonderful mother like mine. I am so thankful for her - if it was not for her - I will not be able to go to work to provide for my family and Raihaan.

Eight - Friends,

I have so limited friends and socialize so little. But still I will like to thank God for helping me to maintain the friends I have. I am so grateful to God that most of my friends are settling down to get married and start a life of their own. I wish them all the best and my prayers will be for them all the time.

Nine - Home

I will like to thank God for the shelter He gave. I am thankful that we still have a house over our head, and not homeless.

Ten - Maid.

I m thankful to God for giving me enough salary to own a maid who would cook and clean our house so that we can have enough time to spend with Raihaan. I will like to thank God that he sent Thuanailiu as our maid. I m grateful that she did not end up like all the typical Filipino, Indo maids. I pray and hope that she remains like this till the end of her contract and I also pray that God gives me enough patience to deal with her day dreaming.

Eleven - Alive

I will like to thank God that he has given me 365 days to live this year. I am thankful that he gave me the gift of life every morning when I wake up.

I hope He gives me another 365 days in the next year.

Twelve - Health
I thank God for giving me good health despite my obesity. I hope I make full use of the next year to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain good health.

Twelve months - twelve lists.

In a nutshell - this year was good in many aspects. We had Obama becoming the President of America this year; our government has come up with better privileges for working mothers. We of course have the technical depression that’s begun from the moment Lehman brothers collapsed. This depression will creep towards next year for another 2 years.

2008 was a good year and I hope 2009 brings more joyous news as well.

My wish for 2009?

I don’t usually ask for much. I just ask for the same blessings I had for the year 2008. I will like to conceive again in year 2009, start up on my dreams of studying further, work from home maybe and be a good mother to Raihaan, a tolerant wife to TA, a good daughter to my mum and good human being in General. I also ask for patience, tolerance and wisdom to enable me to go on in life.

Good bye 2008.

Welcome 2009…..

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