About me myself and my flab

Its been a while since i posted...

I cannot remember when the last time was....but i don't remember anything dramatic that happened to post....

I am in the study room right now blogging and lookign after Raihaan in the corner of my eyes a the samer time. Like me. Raihaan is currently playing with his keyboard, books and simultaneously putting whatever he sees in his mouth!  Hes gonna be like his dad it seems!

Mohamad has his circumcision done yesterday. That poor boy has no idea that his foreskin in the most important part of his body has been removed....the pain has not sunken it yet. He had anaesthesia. 

TA came back from his long trip on Friday morning. He had to go to work and back to school on the same day. Poor him. But he did get me my fav truffles from Paris, my 500 plus pictures i sent to print in India and the rotating candles. He also bought me a churidar tops and two punjabi suits from India.

Hw are everyne back home? Well not good. It seems that my FIL and MIL went on the seperate ways from the family. They went back to Sivakasi. Thaha and his family are now alone. Reasons are many, of which i will blog about some other day.

I managed to get some snap shots of Sue. Found her at Facebook. My god shes still the same. Beautiful as always...what else can i add? I wonder how she manages to get her body back in shape after pregnancy whereas i m struggling like hell over here.

Shes actually got a daughter - not a son like i previously thought. Her name is Ayeesha Zahra -  and she looks just like Sue -  thank God for that. Zubir looks a bit different. Saw their family photo -  they look nice. Its really nice to see them married. They have been going on for almost 10 years i think before they tied the knot. Im not so sure if Sue ever tried dating other guys in between-  but shes stuck with the same guy for a very loooooong time. Hats off to her! Not many people do that nowadays, Hope her marriage lasts longer than the time they dated.

Over to my side here. Life pretty much is still the same. I m for the first time admitting that i have a problem in losing weight.And not only that -  i understand tht there are some unresolved issues in my life that i have to take alook at which i suspect is related to food.

I have seen myself when i lose control over food. hat particular face of me is not nice. The moment i finish eating - guilt erngulfs me and i make a new promise to myself that i will change for the better. I have no idea what to do about that. Right now -  i have got myself ahuge tummy -  which i have honestly no idea how that came about. I stopped taking the Herbal life for a while thinking i might be pregnant( since i have yet to see my period for over 6t months nw???!!). But after checking with Dr Anna last week -  i realise i was not. I know i can slowly acheive my right weight- but i m not so sure if i can.

Motherhood is going great -  enjoying every minute of it. Raihaan is moving alot- discovering a whole lot of new things by exploring the rooms at home and the furnitures. I have not moved any furnitures at home, like what my in laws did when Aasil came here last year. I just have to watch out when Raihaan goes over to the console where my candles are. And when he does - i have to scare him away from him. Usually works. The same happens at my Mum's place.

Raihaan will be turning one soon. I don't know what to do. We are not planning a big party or anything like that...since Raihaan is too young to know that we spent a bomb in coming up with a party for him. I m thinking of a quiet celebration, maybe a small outing to the zoo or the Bird park and then have a small dinner at some hi fi restaurant or something like that.

I m not rich to do it outside Singapore, or have it done grandly in a hotel. Even if i had that kind of money-  i will do it outside Singapore -  rent a villa in Bintan and celebrate it with my family and inlaws. Since i have not much money - i can only do it with my means.

I have seem my reactions when I see people i know being rich and having hell lot of good time. I come to understand -  that there are some things that i have control over and some that i don't. Money is one of it. There was once a time I had ample momey - but my house was empty and void. Now i have a baby whose laughter fills up my house and not much money. Though i can't have the best of both worlds - i m glad about the latter. I m planning to have another 2 more kids to close shop. I m planning to get pregnant in year 2009. Hopefully Allah blesses me on that.

Anyway got to cia. Check out later.


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