The day I became a broker!

After many many years  -  i took on the role of a matchmaker. This time its not to some teenager with no life, or any girl with low esteem. Its for my wondeful cousin Fathima.

I have no cousins or any friends who can be a life partner for Fathima. So resorted to the only channel i know -  the internet. Registred my name in and looked around for the right guy. Almost immediately i spotted this guy called Shaik. Found  his email address in between his profile -  emailed and 2 days later - he replied to my email.

Well in short -  what i did was explain to him in summary abt Fathima and what she was looking for a in a life partner.

We met on Sat -  that was yesterday at the Jurong East library at about 2.30pm. We had drinks at cafe Galilee. 

Overall -  at first sight - he looks like a villain. But when you spend the time to talk to him and listen to what he says -  he does not look that bad. He nice and i guess ok for me. His full name is Rahman M Shaik. I passed his number to Fathima.

I really hope she will call him and talk. I m still on the look out for her -  but i hope she will call him and atleast be a friend first and then get him to be Ramzi's friend. One way or another I want Fathima to have the life that we all want her to have. A loving relationship and a friend for a husband. Thats all a woman needs anyway.

I dare not hope for more -  but i hope that Rahman finds Fathima worthy enough to be what he thinks his life partner should be.


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