Its Ramdan again

Its been a while since i posted anything.

Been busy being tired, really had not time to blog. Really wanted to. Trust me. 

Its the fasting month again. Today is the 12th day of the month oF Ramdan. Didn't skip any fast. So far so good. Mum stayed over with us last week and this week. She'd go back to West Coast duirng the weekends cos Rabeena will bring over Mohd. 

Lifes been pretty good. Nothing new to add. Next month is Rajen's ROM.Hoping i can make it, and hopdeully i would have lost a couple of kilos. Planning to bring Raihaan along.

Azlida had already cleared my cheque payment of SGD300 as her photograper fee. Was thinking of getting my mum and dad to be in the family picture as well. Some pic of them will be nice.  Can't wait for the photoshoot to happen.

Raihaan is developing his personality. For one, hes getting very very fussy when it comes to his food. His milk input has drastically decreased to 60ml now. Its becoming a challenge to get him to eat his cereal. He loves his grandad...and he cannot sit still.  Hes growing to look a little like me now. He looks exactly how i was when i was a baby. He looks happy to me. And thats what i want.

TA will be going over to Norway for one of his office meetings and that will be somewhere on the 20th of this month. Will be back on the 27th itself. This time hes not going to Chennai to meet his family cos he wants to spend the first Eid with our son. Its his first Eid, so TA didn't want to miss it. He will be going via London in A380. Well...some people have all the luck. What can i say?

Apart from that, nothing much to add. 



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