Life this week

Life hasn’t changed much since the last time I blogged.
My financial situation did not improve a single bit. The only light in the tunnel came through when Alex came over and asked me to hand him the receipts to claim for the hospital expenses for the fall I had couple of months back.

Apart from that…no big improvements.

Both me and Thameem were at home most of the time. It was only last weekend, somewhere on the 2nd of Aug, the Ansari family was out the whole day. We had photo shoot on that day morning. The photo shoot sort of comes free for the baby picture we took when Raihaan was 2 days old. But we ended up paying around SGD70 plus because we enlarged the family shoot, took a solo picture of Raihaan and took passport size picture of him. The pictures have already been posted.

Then, we had an appointment with John and Manisha, later in the evening. So what we did was to have a small lunch at Mcdonalds, visited Prakash at his place in Hougang. Then we bought 3 dozens of doughnuts to John’s place. It was a potluck kind of thing, so for our share, we bought the doughnuts. They were rather good anyway.

We spent time there till 11pm and went back home.

Then I, brought, Raihaan and the maid to Azlida’s house.

Azlida is by the way the professional photographer I m planning to engage to take our family portrait. It’s high time I get something done professionally.

Went over to her place, discussed the payment details, the kind of shots I need and the date and time I want the photo shoot to be. Almost everything is settled, all I need is Thameem’s date for the photo shoot. We are planning to do it during the weekday after Ramdan. Azlida’s works are on display in the internet at:

The entire cost is about SGD350. SGD300 is for the professional fees. The additional SGD50 is for the prints. She will only give me 30 shots that she chooses from the hundreds of shots she will take on the actual day. I can print as many prints I want in as many different sizes that I want. Her prints come in waterproof paper which I think is not bad. So I have planned to take 90 prints- maybe 5R size. 30 each for my in-laws, my mum and for us.

I also planned to make a canvas and a coffee table book. That can be done anytime I want to as per Azlida, so I think it’s a good choice. Once I have Thameem confirming the dates, I can send her the confirmation letter, contract and the cheque. Hopefully I would have lost the excessive weight by then.

Talking about weight - I am now currently on an herbal life diet. I am taking this meal replacement drink together with multivitamins and herbal tea. I only replace two meals, and get to eat one. Supposed to lose weight within 8 months. Something quite reasonable I think. So far this is the 2nd week I m on it. It’s not so bad actually. I no longer crave for food. I m getting the nutrients I am supposed to have when I eat the multivitamins. I will be weighted by the end of this week by the promoter who got me into this. Her name is Sherry.

So I skip breakfast and dinner. I bring lunch from home. I have to make sure that I take the milk shake, the pills and the herbal tea on time without skipping it. This is the 10th day of consuming the product. Have lost 5kgs. (97kgs to 92kgs as of 11.08.08)

Apart from that – we spent the last weekend at home. Honed up on my culinary skills.

When my mother in law was here last year she stocked up on a lot of dals, pulses and beans. Over the months, I managed to clear away everything. But I didn’t know what to do with the dals. I am not a curry maker – I m terrible at it. The pressure cooker that my in laws pressured us to buy – I kept it away in the store room. I don’t think any one in Singapore except the Indians from India use pressure cooker! And I don’t know how to use it. My mother never used it till only couple of years back. By then, my Home Economics teacher told us that pressure cooker is something she won’t be teaching us since it’s considered not safe to use for school syllabus.

So back to my story - since we were on a financial crunch, we cannot afford to order pizza or McDonalds in. So I made an effort to seek help from the internet to look for video recipes on how to cook dals. I found a website that had all the typical Indian dishes and that was easy to cook. I learnt to cook varan from them. It’s a maharashtrian dhal dish. It required the use of a pressure cooker though. But with the help of my hubby. I mastered the skill of using it (no prizes for me though- since it was so simple to use!).

My hubby simply loved it. So did the maid!!!

I baked bread on Saturday morning (bread is very expensive nowadays.) I finally cooked the salmon that my hubby bought three weeks ago. Baked the salmon and served it with pasta in herbs and cheese sauce accompanied by baked sweet corn. This kind of dish would have cost SGD16 easily. And I cooked it at home.

So for the next couple of weekends I will be at home, I will be cooking a lot of Indian dal dishes. High time I learn how to cook Indian vegetarian dishes. I don’t want Raihaan to think that his mum is a lousy cook!

Got to go…Ciao.

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