5th year into something called Marriage.

Oh well nothing interesting to post at this moment. I will just list out the happenings this week, cos i m damn too tired to write a literature article on my everyday life for the past one week or so.

They are in no order nor whatsoever......

1) Thiaku finally sent me the website of his ROM pics. Wanted to post it to my site here, nearly tried, but due to lack of concentration and tiredness, left it as it was.

2) Husband is in Vietnam. In sea to be exact. Hes on board his company's vessel called Lady Cynthia. He left on Sun afternoon. Not exactly sure when he's be back.

3) Today is my wedding anniversary. Been married for 4 years now...and look how i celebrated it.... sigh

4) Raihaan is growing pretty fast.

5) Work is getting harder - too many test cases to do.

6) Driving licence is put on hold till i can afford to take up the driving lessons. They cost about SGD700 per month ( even if i go for the entire weekends in any given month).

7) Have decided to engage Azlida for the professional shots. Scheduled on 8th of Oct. I got the whole price list wrong. Her fees is SGD300. Her print for a 5R is SGD10 per copy ( yeah you heard me ryt!) Its SGD50 only if I waterproof them.) So after calculating - i pay SGD600 all in all - that's w/o the coffee table book. Have prepared the cheque already. Will send her the booking fees of SGD300 and the contract.

8) Have lost some weight. Did some mistake in that area as well. Sherry-the distributor sort of told me to take 3 heaped spoons of the formula. Well the three bottles ended within 3 months itself. To survive for the remaining week, i had to order another 3 more bottles of shakes and a bottle of tea. Cost me about SGD240. That's a hefty sum to pay! Have given her a cheque and asked her to draw the money out in Sept.

9) Fasting starts this coming Mon. Have not paid back the fasts i missed when i was pregnant.

10) Took up some self study stuffs. I read about investing in the morning on the way to work. When i am back home, once i put Raihaan to sleep, i study about programming. Try my skills in Liberty Basic. I also studied how to apply make up Bollywood style - that was only for 2 nights over the Internet. Wanted to try it out - but realised that i m missing out on allot of my make up accessories. Have to stock up on my foundation, eye shadows and lipstick. Need a complete makeup box.

11) Have been going to work on time for the past one month. Proud of my self

12) Raihaan is due for his next vaccination check this coming Fri on 29.08.08. Thinking of getting him the pneumoccocal vaccination as well. Dun want to take any chances with him. Will be on leave that day.

13) Rabeena's sis in law - Regina is pregnant with twins. But now quite doubtful cos shes been bleeding allot. Probable miscarriage in future. Hopefully not though.

14) The Ansari Family went out visiting Fathima last sun. Didn't get to see her mum, but we went to the Esplanade to check out the fireworks. Caught it all in video camera. Raihaan had great fun.

15) TA's parents are now pushing the need for their own house now. We went to the Indian exhibition last week - i saw some beautiful houses in Coimbatore. Liked it. Discussed with TA about having a retirement house there.

16)Rabeena's hubby is coming this weekend. Shes will be moving out soon. Mum will be missing her first grandson for sure. 17) Been having some bad backaches for the past few days. Not sure if my compression is giving me hell again. I did not go for the Ortho check up earlier this month.

I guess that's all folks.

Too tired lah. Need to sleep.

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