What a week!

This one week was not a good week if you ask me.
Well for beginners, Raihaan had a fall from this cradle on Monday afternoon. Received that call from Mummy when both Thameem and I were finishing off a healthy sandwich.

After checking out with Dr Yvonne if its advisable to bring Raihaan to the Emergency, took half day and rushed back home. He’s fine. No internal or external injury.

Today, when we were getting ready for work - Thameem was in the toilet having his bath when I had a text message from Rabeena.

She said that Mum fell in the toilet.
Well already as it is, she was not feeling very well. She’s got sinus problems and went to the doc only yesterday. And she fell today.

I called Rabeena up and was enquiring about Mummy, when I heard a horrible sound in the toilet. When I opened the door – I saw Thameem on the toilet floor. He fell in the toilet too.

He sort of injured his elbow. Applied ice pack on his elbow and advised Rabeena to do the same to mum at the same time.

This is the first time Thameem ever fall in the toilet.

Well all these accidents, are telling me something….

Yeah we are going to buy the anti slip mat for the toilets, but I guess another important issue is that while both Thameem and I are focusing on bringing our physical health back in shape, our spiritual health is suffering. I think God is giving us signs that we are forgetting him. High time we start our prayers again.

Work wise…well things are going pretty well now. Trying my best to finish as many cases as I can by 1800 hrs so that I can go to West Coast, pick uo my kid and spend time with him.

Other than that - I have not been able to practice my final theory evaluation just as yet. But have been reading some notes. Was thinking ot applying for my Provisional Driving License (PDL) this month - but somehow don’t ask me how or why, I m pretty low on the finance. It only costs SGD25 for the PDL.
Never mind, I will apply for it in August. I am having problems with the gear and clutches and shits like that. By right I should have taken up Driving practice first and the simultaneously write my EVA and TEST. But instead I wanted to pass all the theory first.

If I don’t do well in my EVA, I will then apply for practical’s. Maybe then I will understand about the gears and clutches.

Oh another news. I am going to apply for a credit card. This is for emergency purpose only. Fathima - one of my cousins told me that there’s no harm in owning one credit card, cos that will help during an emergency. Further more with all these accidents happening this month at a time where we are really short of cash, I think having a credit card will be like a safety net.

I did tell Thameem about it. He didn’t say much. From his words I gather he does not want me to have a credit card, cos he feels that I am going to buy things impulsively and end up having debts over my head.

Well I have applied for a Standard Chartered Credit card online by the way. Just printed out the completed form. Have to send it to the bank together with the relevant documents.
Hopefully I will get the credit card. The moment I get it I am going to chuck it away in the “Important documents” drawer we have at home.

Home wise - the air con has been installed. Did I mention the installation took the whole day to complete? They started from 10am in the morning and completed at 10opm at night.

Raihaan now sleeps longer and peacefully. He sleeps wherever we put him. Hes’ now spending more time in his cot since the AC is in the baby room.

On Mon when Rabeena brought Mohd to Teban, he slept peacefully too.

Our new maid - Thuan. Well it’s been a month since she’s been a part of the family. I have not mentioned much about her. Well she’s ok. Only drawback with her as with all other maid is that when she doesn’t understand something I tell her, she will not tell me. Instead she keeps quiet, till I spot something wrong. It’s hard to change an Asian mentality Thameem says.

Apart from that, she’s ok. She takes the initiative to do the work without being prompted to. The kitchen is now spotless and so is the house. There is not much work to be done at my place anyway. Life is easier now. Thuan loves kids, but because she’s new and I have yet to trust her with the baby, I do not let her carry Raihaan. Anything to do with him I handle. Changing him or bathing him - I do that. I don’t dare leave the baby in her care.

She cannot cook that well, but she learns pretty fast. It seems that people in Manipur don’t eat spicy food. They eat just rice and soup that has little or no spice at all. She told me so. So I usually cook something with her. I taught her how to make chicken soup once. She did some variations on her own and her chicken soup now tastes wonderful.
We love her chicken soup.

Still have lots to train her. Need to train her how to react during emergencies. Especially when Rabeena is not around at home in West Coast.

Her hubby is coming down to Singapore for good. I think by end of August he will be here. When he comes, Rabeena will be moving back to her mother in law’s place in Khatib. Mum will be all alone with Thuan and I fear when something unthinkable happens, my maid decides to be stupid on that day.

Rabeena is doing well I guess. Arguments as usual between my mum and her.
My dad on the other hand is doing a good job making my mother mad. He’s not happy that the maid is not sitting together with him in the living room to watch his pathetic old MGR songs VCD.

Actually, during the first few days when Thuan was at West Coast, she did not get to do much work there. So when my dad comes back home from work, she will usually be in the living room watching TV with my dad. I guess Dad liked that. Mum told me secretly that Thuan seem to like him as well. Cos whenever he comes, she will hustle and bustle around the living room.

So to prevent unwanted issues to appear in the future (for example the maid might end up being my step mum), I told her to stay away from my dad. Told her that daddy was mental and that when he gets angry he becomes very dramatic. Told her that daddy goes in and out of hospital very often and when he gets angry he bites people and barks like a dog. Well I think he did displayed something like that at home, cos Rabeena told me Thuan hardly sits in the living room now. Whenever Dad comes she runs off to the kitchen or to the room where Raihaan sleeps. It seems that my sis also made some remarks similar to mine. So she’s absolutely scared witless when she sees Dad. Hahaha!

Raihaan – what can I say? He’s growing fast now. I have put aside his newborn clothes away in the same paper bag I first bought them. He is now 5 months old. He is absorbing what he sees into his mind I guess. Cos when we look at him, he gazes back at you for a long time. If you don’t look interesting to him, he will turn his attention to his Pooh bear or his donkey stuffed toy. He sort of doesn’t like noises we noticed. Sudden loud noise shakes him and he will cry loud. We are training him to get used to the noise by increasing the volume. I will put him to sleep while watching tv. Well his parents are outgoing, social and loud people. The son cannot afford to be a scary cat!

Well I guess that’s all about it now.
Will try to add in more stuff as and when I can.
Please pray that I pass the damn evaluation.


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