Ever wondered?

Ever wondered what the other people around the world were doing at the exact time when you are in your bed trying to sleep?

I do. When I m on the bed - with only Raihaan beside me, I will wonder.
What must be Bill Gates thinking or doing at this moment now?
What is David Beckham doing?
What is going on in President Bush’s mind (if he ever has one?)

Sometimes I think they might be thinking of the same thing too….
They must be thinking - “I wonder what the normal people do in their everyday life?”
‘I wonder how they can live a life without their picture being in the cover of a highly reputed newspaper or a trash magazine at least once a month.”
“I wonder how the other people in the world run their life.”
“I wonder if the UN will support me if I decide to wage a war against Timbuktu for the fun of it”

Yeah. I wonder too.

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