ROM of Tiagu and Shanti

Today is Tiagu's ROM.

Actually, i was supposed to have covered the entire wedding and report it in my blog. But the prob was i forgot to bring my digital cos all of us ( TA, me, Thuan and Raihaan) were rushing to get out of the house by 4.00pm. So i have absolutely no pics to publish. I will try to ask Tiagu if he can send me a photo for me to keep.

The ROM was beautiful. The bride walked down the aisle to the Mission Impossible soundtrack, the groom looked absolutly dashing and handsome in his tuxedo. The solemnisation went well.They had the ROM in Fort Canning Park, under a big tent. It was a beautiful day, with wonderful rays of sunlight...i was sure God was up there blessing the event. The food was good too...i loved the desert though. Never been to such a wedding....I wish i had done mine in a similar fashion.

Met all my friends from the group - Azim, Farzana and the kids, Nesh, Mahesh and Manisha ( I kept apologising to them for being absent on their wedding day) Ram, Luknesh, Raghu and Brindah, and not forgetting Alex. Had fun...well except for Raihaan though. He started to wail ( i mean wail and not the simple cry here). I guess since this is his first outing to a function, he was over stimulated or something like that.

Well apart from was a nice ROM. Something that will not be forgotten. Got some things to say to both Thiagu and Shanti....

Dearest Shanti, I had the pleasure of meeting you when you came to my place for my baby's naming ceremony. But I didn't have the honour of knowing you very well. I wish i did.

Tiagu intro me to you as a polymate. I beg to differ.

To me, your husband is not my polymate. Hes my friend.

Due to my mum's overbearing restrictions during my polydays, i was not able to hang out with the guys. So i missed almost all the actions outside school. But in school, life was fun. Esp with Tiagu around.

Hes a very nice guy. I dunno know much about him, but i do know that he hardly gets into a commited relationship. All of us have been waiting for him to get married. If he has come this far to be married, it means that you must mean something to him. Hes nice, decent and i have nothing bad to say about him...cos hes the only one who bothers to keep in touch with me. If he had not, i would have never known you.

You are lucky to have him as your hubby, and trust and Tiagu will always be in my prayers. Wish you all the best.

Dearest Tiagu,

I know that i m not as close as the other guys. But i m really happy that you invited me to your most important event in your life.

It was a beautiful event, and it was something that i waited for and was looking forward to for a very long time. I dunno anything about Shanti, but i do know that shes nice. I am not the right person to give you word of advise on marriage, cos you are of course older than me. ( it does not matter if i have been married for 4 years and have a 4mth old son!) Whatever you do my friend, follow your heart.

I wish you only happiness dude. Nothing less than that. Hope to be there in every happy and sad moments in your life.

Love, Hira, TA and Raihaan.

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