Bleeding money

Hell lot of things happened in these past few days that I hadn’t had the time to blog.
First of all, I had the haircut I wanted to have. I have now a tousled look with hair touching my shoulders and no longer than that. Planning to have an X-ten sol treatments somewhere this month or next to temporarily straighten my hair.

Read in the internet that X-ten sol actually relaxes the curls and frizzes in the hair, but at the same time will give me the wavy look. It costs about SGD180 for my kind of hair.

News number two – managed to get TA to color his hair. He’s now sporting a light brown hair. He hates the way he looks because that’s the first time he ever colored his hair! Both of us had our hair done at the same hair salon at the same time. Kind of cool.

The next thing - we are getting the house fully air conditioned. Not sure if I mentioned it anywhere in the blog. Well getting the entire house AC’d. By end of this month, we will have a cooling house.

News number 4 - we are getting a maid. We have seen the agent and the maid as well. The agent is UP Masters Management. The agent’s name is Amy Kali. Her real name is Savagism. She’s a Singaporean Indian. The maid is a 27 year old North East Indian. Her name is Thuan. She’s from Manipur. She looks ok and all. We signed the agency contract just yesterday, and paid part lot of the agency commission. We paid SGD600. Got to pay another remaining SGD550 next month.

The law requires anyone employing a Foreign Domestic Worker to go through a course on line. After getting through the course (which has three modules and is about 90 minutes) the system will issue a certificate. It’s only after getting the certificate can we apply for a maid. I did the course and got the certificate already.

If everything goes well, I will have the maid at home by this weekend. But today Amy called asking for an employer letter stating I was working with a salary of so and so. Have skyped Andy about it just a while back, and now as I m blogging away Sherry is preparing the letter for me.

News number 5 – I got promoted. I had a meeting with the management about a week back - more precisely on the 22nd of May. We talked about my performance and what was expected out from me and how I performed and stuffs like that. Well anyway they gave me a SGD400 pay hike and a promotion. They changed my designation from a Junior Application Consultant to Application Supporter.

That pay hike changed my mind about quitting work for at least a couple more months.

Of all the things that happened around me lately, only two issues were financially draining us. The AC and the maid. We got to pay SGD280 to the maid as her pay and SGD175 plus for the levy. All in all about SGD500 plus.

Was thinking of writing down here what all these means to our budget..but then realized it will be like a running commentary of my life….I m not going to add that here.

I have a little spare time here. So I thought of reporting in the details that I have missed here.

Oh yes…another important event I forgot to mention here.

I went for my appointment at the ortho clinic on Tues 03.06.08. Brought along Raihaan and TA. Raihaan has his vaccination on the same day as well.

Had to take another x-ray since the damn doc suspects some bone problem in my back. Upon checking he confirmed that my nerves are working alright and that my bones are slowly recovering. I was told to wear a girdle to support my back and ensure that I heal comfortably. Did a blood test and by the time I finished, it was time for Raihaan’s vaccination. We took a cab ( again!) to Clementi Polyclinic and did his vaccination.

Raihaan put up a brave front. He did not cry. That poor boy was so patient with us as well. We bring him out all the time and most of the time, it’s more than 4 hours journey. And that boy takes it all well. Very thankful to God that he gave me a patient boy.

Now, I have a wrist splint on my left hand, they say I have De Quiveren syndrome. It’s also known as Inflammatory of the tendon. I have been asked by the therapists to wear it all time and not overwork my left wrist.

And last but not the least - I went to BBDC for my first evaluation. Failed.
The questions were tough for me, and I guess that’s because I started to read up on the study materials on Friday night when the evaluation was on the following day. I did some mock tests over the internet. Failed all the attempts on Friday night. But I scored on the test I did on Sat morning, I thought I would do well on the actual Evaluation.

I have booked for another Evaluation this coming Sat. I need to get through that to start doing my Basic Theory. I think I have to schedule some time to read up on the study material to pass the evaluation. Hopefully I pass the Evaluation and book for my Basic Test dates. Need the license on urgent basis already.

Mum is at Tebans today. She came to stay with us on Tues evening, and was supposed to go back to West Coast today morning. But she was so tired when she work up, so we left Raihaan with her and went off to work.

Poor Raihaan is having cough and phlegm. Will be bringing him over to the Children clinic in Clementi to get his syrup. I think I put him too near the fan this time, and that’s why he got the flu.

Work wise nothing much to do here. I m helping Jess with the What’s New project. I am too tired and lazy to do it.

Apart from that I have nothing more to report, and also I have nothing to reflect on. Will do more reflection when I have the time to do so.


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