This week's happenings

TGIF!!! Well almost... couple of more hours and it will be officially the weekend. Come Mon is Vesak day so we have holiday here.... sigh. Knw how that feels? U know the feeling you have when you come out of the loo after holding on to your urine? Man..thats how i feel come every Fri.

Well what happened this week? Well for was Mother's Day last Sun ( 11.05.08). Since i usually surprise my mum with something every year, i thought of buying her a deep fryer...shes been asking that for a while anyway...

So i got Thameem to get the deepfryer for me at Best Denki in Vivocity. It cost abt SGD185. Pics as attached. Raihaan was kinda groggy the whole day so i really hadn't the time to look around for thre right deepfryer. We went to Mum's place Sunday night for dinner with that damn heavy deepfryer and guess what? Rabeena bought the same deeofryer for my mum! I was flabbergasted!!!

Since when did she celebrate Mother's Day? I was under the asssumption that she wouldn't have got her anything...since she din celebrate Mum's b'day last year! Well it seems that both Rabeena and Mum went shopping, and she bought her the deepfryer - mentioning the clause that she did not get that as a Mother's day gift.
Well i was very disappointed. So we went back to the store and got it replaced with a SGD200 voucher. She can buy what she wants for herself.

Also i enrolled for my driving licence class last Wed night. It was a big experience for me. Will be booking for the evaluation this Sat. Its a first step towards the licence i had never wanted to take. I have not told anyone abt this....not even my mum. I want to finish the entire lesson, and then will surprise the people.

Mum got sick again this week...tummy upset. Pity her...she still wants to look after Raihaan! I got into a fight with mum this week and we were practically having a Cold War for the past 4 days..i din go home to see her. Actually i din go home cos i went home after work to start expressing milk. It will make my life easier if i go home first and have the milk ready for Raihaan when Thameem brings him back home.

Work has been a killer this week due to the fact that Jessica is on leave and the Fix date was today. Next week, both Andrew and Nina will be out of office with me and Jessica behind. Well as long as they manage to finish all the new cases and handover gracefully - i have no probs.

Apart from that nothing new. Today Thameem and i went ovr to the childcare centre near our office to check out the rates to have Raihaan put up there on emergencies ( when Mum really cannot take care of Raihaan and she has appointment at the clinic, etc) Quite expensive, but its just a safety net thingy we need to have.

We are planning to take a maid to help mum with the housework. With the work i have at office i din have the time to surf the net, so will be starting to source out by this weekend.

Also am planning to trim my hair short and have it coloured professionally. Was thinking of doing it together with Thameem, but since he might be flying off at the end of the month, thought of having it done when hes not around. I really dun have much hair, but theres this couple of long strands of hair that creates an impression that i have a long hair. Off it goes...

Also playing around with the idea of getting my contact lenses in colur. It was about 7 years since i last wore coloured lenses....for those who din knw the colour - it was grey. Will need to check out what colur i should have this year.

Got to go...need to sleep.Will post when i can.

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