A day for watermelons

Today seems like a very organized day to me. Raihaan's feedings are on schedule,the dishes have been washed and put away, had the time to express milk twice, go out shopping for dinner with Raihaan and read my Motherhood magazine. Cheerios to me!!

TA is having his exams today and so will be late. He will be back only after 10pm today. So i don't have to rush for dinner yet. No lunch for me today cos i m simply too lazy to cook anything. I ate two thin slices of watermelons,drank a bottle of Starbucks Chilled coffee, chilled milk, and a Potong red bean ice cream stick. The weather has been too harsh for the past few days here.....and nothing we do is making it better for us. And i guess i got dehydrated or something, cos i need cold fluids every hour!

No proper food today...but i m planning to cook Deep Fried Tofu with Hokkien noodles and a cool tomato soup...but since TA will be in late, he wun be in the mood to sip cool soup. So i will start cooking the noodle at 8pm.

Also its been a while since i posted any pics here in my blog. Most of my latest pics are in the Kodak Gallery website. I just finished taking some pics.....some of them are in here. The rest, as usual will be in the Kodak Gallery website.

We just recently revamped our master bedroom - to make space for the new wardrobe we bought ( Finally!!!). The whole room looks small and now with the thottil - it looks damn terrible. We also made some changes to the study room - its now shared with Raihaan. One corner is TA's study and office table, while the opposite corner lies Raihaan's nursery. dresser and stroller. Only the bookshelf belongs to me...the books are all mine.

Also have posted recent pics of me and Raihaan...actually just taken a while ago. The rest are in the K gallery as usual.

Amyway got to go....no time to reflect on anything today...got a baby to entertain and feed!

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