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Life is sort of ok. I went for my Down syndrome’s check on Monday 20.08.07. Baby is cool and its healthy. Its got sharp nose like me and so Down Syndrome has been ruled out as Low risk. Dr Anna told me not to put on weight anymore. Also was advised to stay away from fruit juices and milk. All essentials vitamins that the baby requires were provided in tablet form by Dr Anna. So that’s it. No food required. My weight is sort of still the same. Reasons being - I have lost appetite.

I have been having some pains in my underbelly for some time, especially if I walk for a very long time. I secrete and then have tummy pains. Can’t even sleep when that happens. I remember the other day when my inlaws and us went to Little India for shopping. The long walk caused tummy upset and brownish secretion when I went back home. When I checked against my pregnancy book, it’s stated that as long as I don’t have both painful cramps and blood at the same time, I am still safe. Nevertheless I spoke to Dr Anna about this, and she said that this was normal. I just have to get some panty liners in future.

Relations between me and TA have cooled down a bit since last Friday after our long discussion. I am still getting the irritating feeling, but I talk it out/complain to TA rather than pull a long face. Its not that I love complaining, but the things that my in laws do – really irritates me. My kitchen is a mess. My balcony looks more like laundry place. All my kitchen towels are either hanging on to the kitchen windows or lying around the floor. I hardly know where they place all the ingredients. My fridge is full of un-used food, where my MIL refuses to waste it. My cupboards are full of junks that have not been organized. My plates and cups are not in the right place, they have been placed in the drawer below the cooker! I don’t know which cloth they used to wipe the kid’s urine and I refuse to touch any of the rag clothes to wipe the tables. I used the paper clothes only. The only place where I think its still home is my living room and the master bedroom. I keep the door to my room closed, cos the kid has a habit of putting his finger in the fan when it’s operating.

It was just the day before that I got so irritated at the mess the kitchen was, that I immediately went to my room and did a swift clean up. I cleared all the mess in my room and in the balcony. Changed the sheets and put on some clean ones and put on my scented candles and let the room lift. I let the balcony be the laundry room and let the kitchen be the Indian mess. There should be only one person who controls the house and kitchen. The person who’s at home. Since I’m not at home and I don’t cook, I let them run the house. But then it’s only for 2 months. By the time Ramdan comes, I want the house back to how it was. No more messy kitchen. I’m going to make sure that all things go back to how it was. I will be checking the pantry at home again and see what else needs to be bought for the kitchen. If its extra bottles, I will get the extra bottles. I want everything to be back to the same organized kitchen it was. I don’t care what they say, but I m going to do the cleaning.

Maybe I m being too much. But I really cannot tolerate the kitchen looking like that. Yeah I don’t cook as much as I should, but heck I like to see the kitchen neat. Also my in-laws have not cooked meat ever since they came. I eat only rasam, sambar, rasam and sambar and some side dishes they call Veges. No complains - I need food.

They complain that the kitchen does not have this, does not have that. Well they got the pressure cooker they have been pressuring us to get. Now they are badgering for a mixer. Its not as if they will be cooking chef’s special when they have a mixer - its still gonna be rasam, sambar, rasam and sambar. They want to use the mixer to prepare juice for the kid. They dunno how to use the fruit juicer! Goodness.

Well that’s all for today folks. I borrowed two small cookbooks from the library to read up on some recipes so that I will cook some meaty dishes. Will read up on it fast and then I will cook. These Indian people have something against people who cook with cook books.


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