In law woes

Dear All,

I know, I know. I have not been working on my blog for like eons. I have been really tied up with work and also my kid that I really did not have the time to sit down and really write.

This week - well it has been almost a very exhaustive week. My in-laws came down from Chennai. And I – at the precise timing had a relapse of sore throat. Well I managed to get medical leave for Monday and Tuesday and spent the time well with both my in-laws. They are really fun to be with.

But it’s just that I have been quite tired and all that moving around has become a hassle instead of joy. TA brought all of us to Esplanade on Tues evening. Since his sister was coming down just to see the National Day being held, TA thought it would be a good idea if he could survey the area to see where he can see the fireworks the best.

So we went. We walked and we walked around Esplanade. Then we took the boat ride to Boat Quay and Collyer Quay and walked and walked. By the time I reached back to Esplanade again, I started having cramps in my lower tummy. I had this queasy feeling that my uterus was in pain or something. Quickly went to the toilet to find brown stains on the underwear.

I did not panic or whatever, because I do know that stains happens and I do know that pains in my vagina may be signs that my uterus is enlarging itself for the growing baby. But I got worried. On the way back, I told TA what happened. He wanted to rush me to the hospital, but I told him otherwise. Waited for a day to see if I had any more stains before I raise the alarm. Well thanks to God - no stains and no pains.

My MIL’s cooking does not suit me at all. Her curries taste like water and the way she cooks appalls me. I miss my mum’s cooking a lot.

My sis in law-  finally came to SIN with her hubs and kid. She as usual full of sarcasm, and I dun want to fill my blog abt her today.

I am tired and I need my mum’s food. IF my mum does not rescue me this week, I will binge on Tahu and tempe. And for all you know- I might lose weight eating those alone.

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