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Its amazing what a simple haircut can do to your confidence and the way you carry yourself.
I decided to go for a hair cut - not on an impulse - but it was something I had in mind for some time. Especially when my hair started thinning -  I found no reason to keep it.

But I didn't want just any haircut. It had to be drastic. I was turning 40 and I had to do something. Actually, come to think of it - I have always been gutsy when it comes to my hair. I had it straightened, cropped it till it was way too short and experimented with it. I have colored it brown, purple and red   all through my 20s till end of my 30s .But because I have dark hair - the colors don't always show.

Anyways long story short, I wanted a hair cut. Something really short, easy to maintain and also makes me look good.  I took 2 days to look around for the perfect look and decided on this pixie haircut with platinum silver look. See pic from google

Hubby and son were more than happy to let me do whatever I w…

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